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If you’re serious about getting ripped muscle and BOOSTING your testosterone levels with your workouts… here’s 5 Freak Physique factors to get you there

Do you believe you’re “past your prime”… or too “washed-up” to build lean muscle, get a strong and ripped body you can be proud of?

Have you been told your “glory days” are dead and gone… and achieving a rock-solid physique is nothing but a pipe dream?

Well, my friend. You’ve been lied to. Because your most muscular days CAN be ahead of you.

It won’t matter if you’re in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or beyond

Starting today you can pack-on mass and experience the same eruptions of muscle growth you enjoyed as a teenager.

Below are 5 Freak Physique Factors that will get you a ripped body no matter how old you are.

Freak Physique Factor #1: Anabolic Rotation

muscleIf you want to pack on lean mass FAST, stop doing the same exercises. Seriously.

A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research shows exercise variety produces greater muscle growth than performing the same exercises over and over again (1).

Researchers compared two types of workouts.

One group performed “squat-only” leg workouts. The other group used four different leg exercises in their workouts. The volume was the same for both groups.

Simply put, each group was doing the same number of sets and reps but exercise variety was the only difference.

The researchers found the group using a variety of exercises, despite the same volume experienced greater muscle gains.

So if you want to shock your muscles into enormous growth, mix up your exercise selections with effective movements that stimulate the most muscle fiber.

Freak Physique Factor #2Ultimate Muscle Volumization


muscleFar too many muscle programs activate one group of muscle fibers at a time with either slow twitch or fast twitch.

Slow twitch muscle fibers are recruited through high rep training. Typically 12-15 reps.

Fast twitch muscle fibers are maximized by a single all-out set to failure. Typically 4-8 reps.

To stimulate both fiber types, most muscle building programs have you perform heavy and light sets in a single workout.

This delays workout time and forces you to stay in the gym for hours to finish a routine.

However, I’ve found a way to combine slow twitch and fast twitch muscle-fiber recruitment in a single “extended” SET.

Performing these sets will allow you to maximize muscle fiber activation in less time and you won’t have to bury your body under heavy poundage’s that bridle your joints.

The secret weapon?

STX sets. Which is like fast-acting mass-building medicine that triggers the ultimate growth response in seconds.

Here’s how STX sets work:

1) Primes your fast-twitch fibers to fire near the end of each set for a greater hypertrophic response and functional muscle mass…

2) Produces “lactic acid pooling” due to long tension time. This creates metabolic stress, which is crucial for extreme growth and muscular endurance.

3) The first 35 seconds of each set triggers boatloads of slow-twitch fibers. Which according to Brad Schoenfeld PhD is responsible for packing on pounds of muscle for the overall “swole effect” and freaky muscle size (2).

Combine these three muscle-techniques in one set and you’ve got the golden-ratio for building a strong and ripped, superhuman physique.

Freak Physique Factor #3Stealth Progression


muscleMost guys think if they’re getting stronger, they’re getting bigger. Not true.

Strength can be the result of many things like neuromuscular adaptation, nervous system efficiency or better muscle coordination and leverage.

We’ve all seen those guys. You know, the ones who lift lots of weight yet their form is “off” and downright dangerous… it’s a recipe for disaster and a lifelong history of injuries…

The key to building muscle is more volume NOT more weight and adding additional full-on sets to your workouts is not the answer (3)

The volume increase should be small and added to the end of your sets.

This prevents over-training, testosterone burnout, painful injuries and stalled muscle growth.

That’s why my stealth progressive-volume method, (which consists of rest/pause add-ons) can help you gradually and endlessly increase volume so you can safely pack on mass without killing your body’s anabolic hormones.

Freak Physique Factor #4Triple-layer Hypertrophy

muscleThere’s 3 key hypertrophy triggers you must attack for mega mass:

1)Mechanical tension (with heavier training)

2) Metabolic stress (by blocking blood flow [during sufficient tension time] for cell swelling)

3) Muscle damage (via micro-tears in the fibers)

Now, any one of the above can create muscle growth.

However, to build the most mass possible, you need to get all of these in the right doses.

Most cookie-cutter muscle programs force you to squeeze all three of these techniques in every workout leading to long hours wasted in the gym, over-training and sabotaging your t-levels.

Instead, you can spread these three growth methods over the course of three workouts per week which keeps training short and effective so you can boost your anabolic hormones and pack on lean muscle gains at the same time.

Freak Physique Factor #5Anabolic Phasing

muscleBrad Schoenfeld PhD compared muscle-training frequency among trained weight lifters.

One group trained each muscle once a week while the other followed three full-body workouts per week.

The volume was the same for both groups.

The result? Without question, the three-times-a-week group made the best muscle gains.

So stop following the traditional strength training routines that focus on one or two muscle groups per workout.

Instead, switch to training each muscle two or three times a week with less volume and you’ll accelerate your journey to a buff, Hollywood physique.

Try it. You’ll be shocked at your surge of new muscle growth.

What’s Next?

These 5 Freak Physique Factors Are The Key To Unlocking Pounds Of Mountain-like Muscle And Anabolic Growth Regardless Of Age Or Genetics.

Starting today, you’ll be light years ahead of the physique you “once had” and looking and feeling stronger and healthier than you ever imagined.

Now, with that being said, there are 3 TOP reasons most men struggle to add inches to their frame and achieve the rock-hard physique they desire that I haven’t shared with you yet.

Below I’ll show you how to avoid each one of these muscle-gaining pitfalls…



(1) Fonseca, R M, et al. “Changes in Exercises Are More Effective than in Loading Schemes to Improve Muscle Strength.” Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research., U.S. National Library of Medicine, Nov. 2014,

(2) Nation, Brad Schoenfeld PhD T. “Light Weights for Big Gains.” T NATION,

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