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Grow Your Chest and Back Fast in The Same Workout

Looking for an efficient and effective chest and back workout? This intense PUMP workout is exactly what you need to take your gains to the next level. Putting on quality mass takes a lot of time, especially when building a well defined chest with thick cobra looking lats. What if there was a way to…

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Back workout

Best Back Workout For Thicker and Wider Cobra Lats

Having a small waist, broad shoulders with a thick “cobra” looking back gives you the ultimate v-taper.  Here’s a back workout that puts on serious size. An impressive back deserves respect.  Having an effective back workout is critical to building thicker and wider lats. If you know how to apply the right amount of tension,…

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Big Back Finisher

BIG Back Finisher Workout

The other day I had an awesome back workout doing Barbell rows while super-setting with Deadlifts.  After the workout I created a BACK finisher. A finisher is what you do at the very end of your workout to get the most “BANG” for growth on a particular muscle group your working. It was an intense…

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Build a BIGGER and WIDER Back

Today’s workout is Building a W I D E Back A wider back is part of building that desired V-Tapered physique. NOTE:  Whenever you see a letter with a number next to it like B1, B2, this is a super-set where you’ll perform the exercises together without rest.  Once you complete 1 round, rest for…

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