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Today’s workout is Building a W I D E Back
A wider back is part of building that desired V-Tapered physique.

NOTE:  Whenever you see a letter with a number next to it like B1, B2, this is a super-set where you’ll perform the exercises together without rest.  Once you complete 1 round, rest for 60 sec and repeat an additional 3 more.

Here’s the workout below:

A1.  BB Row
Sets   Reps               Rest
5       12,8,6,6,12     40 sec

B1.  Seated Cable Rows
Sets                Reps
3            10 + 5 Half Reps

B2.  Lat Pull-Downs
Sets        Reps          Rest
3              10             40 sec

NOTE:  Last set on
Lat Pull-Downs do
a Drop Set 3 Times

C.  Incline Bench
Straight Bar Pull Down
Sets        Reps          Rest
3              12             40 sec

D.  Back Hyper-extensions
with DB Row Combo
Sets       Reps          Rest
3              12             40 sec

Watch the Video Below:

Look for the next workout next Wednesday.

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If you have any workouts that you want me to put together for you let me know in the comments section.

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