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1 Advanced Method To Build Freaky Diamond Shaped Calves

Calves are one of the most stubborn body parts to build.  Are you doomed to having small calves forever?  Here’s 1 advanced method to build freaky cow calves. If you think you are destined to have small calves due to genetic limitations, I want to show you a very advanced method that will force your…

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Leg Workout

5 BEST Leg Workouts For Thicker Quads and Hams

We’ve all heard it, “Never skip leg day.”  If your wheels feel deflated, here are 5 jean-busting leg workouts guaranteed to put on some MASSIVE size and make your quads QUAKE! Training your legs can be very challenging and require motivation.  Leg workouts aren’t fun at times.  Everyone loves chest and arms day, but one…

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Get BIGGER Quads (WITHOUT Squats)

Want To Build Strong, Big, & Thick Quads Without Having to Squat?  If You Hate Doing Squats or Can’t Because Of An Injury Here’s Another Way. The fact is if you can’t feel it, you can’t grow it. If you want to get BIGGER by the day you have to feel your quads contract in…

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Increase Your Strength on Barbell Back Squats

Squats, the KING to Building bigger legs.  There is no other exercise that develops legs like the barbell back squat. Most avid gym goers will do a lot of reps using lighter weight with short rest periods or they do the typical 5×5 using very heavy weight with long rest periods. To achieve bigger legs…

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How to grow BIGGER Hamstrings and Glutes with These 4 Exercises

Do you have a FLAT and SAGGY Bum?  Here’s an often overlooked exercise for increasing the size of your hamstrings and glutes. As embarrassing as it is, some of us are not genetically blessed with having a full and round bum. When it comes to leg day, most people focus on building a nice set…

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Build Bigger Legs Using Light Weight Death Sets

No More Chicken Legs! If you are sick and tired of your skinny legs, try this LEG CRUSHING Workout Using DRTS Training that will make your quads QUAKE! Perform all 3 exercises as a Giant set, moving from one exercise to the other. You’ll do 6 sets each with no rest Except for the amount…

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Build Bigger and Stronger Legs Using Your Body Weight

You do not have to build BIGGER legs at the gym.  Here are 4 brutal leg exercises you can do at home using light weight that will grow your legs fast. There is more than one way to build bigger legs and you can do it right in the comfort of your own home using…

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