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No More Chicken Legs! If you are sick and tired of your skinny legs, try this LEG CRUSHING Workout Using DRTS Training that will make your quads QUAKE!

Perform all 3 exercises as a Giant set, moving from one exercise to the other.

You’ll do 6 sets each with no rest Except for the amount of time it takes to change exercises.

WARNING:  You’ll do 180 reps total! 60 reps each exercise. Again no rest.

Use the following rep scheme. 12,12,10,10,8,8

Here’s the workout:

A1. DB Bulgarian Split Squat. Each Leg

A2. Leg Extensions

A3. Body-weight Squat


If you find it difficult to grow your hams and quads, performing leg workouts like this one will help you for overall leg growth and development.

We can’t forget that in order to grow those stubborn legs, your diet is going to consist of higher calories than normal.

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What’s NEXT?

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