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Strip off your first 15-20 pounds of stubborn belly fat in 28 days using Tim's "Keto Burn" Success Package.

Tim's helped 100's of struggling men and women increase energy, curb cravings, get healthy & lose weight!

Increase Energy

Ever experience the "mid-day crash" after an afternoon meal?  There's a big reason why and it has to do with what you're eating. Tim's "never before seen" eating strategy will correct these issues and you'll wonder how you were able to function on low energy in the past!

Curb Cravings

How much easier would it be to lose weight if you weren't constantly craving and hungry all the time? Well, it would be pretty damn easy! With Tim's unique Intermittent Keto Fasting eating strategy, you'll curb those intolerable cravings just after your first 5-7 days!

Get Healthy

Your health...is your wealth.  In today's world, your health is most important to fighting deadly diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure & inflammation.

Lose Weight So You Can Look & Feel More Confident

The number one reason "WHY" most people such as yourself want to lose weight is to not only get healthy, but to look and feel more confident in your own body. Who doesn't want that!?

Testimonials From Previous Students

Fallon, Atlanta, GA

Tim motivated me via his Instagram and kept saying to give it your all for 10 days and if you aren’t happy with the results and the way you feel then stop. I decided to give it my all and I followed his plan intently for the next 10 days. Over those 10 days, I lost 9 pounds!

But I gained so much more...my anxiety that I was always having to suppress with the tools I learned in therapy was nearly nonexistent. I had been diagnosed with folliculitis when I was a teenager and told there was no cure but it had stopped flaring up and even some of my scars had started to heal. I wasn’t starving and craving foods and sugar like I had with every other diet in the past. I was losing weight and I FELT GREAT!

So here I am, I have lost 56 pounds now. I know how every food I eat makes my body feel. I don’t emotionally eat anymore.

About The Author

Most people know me as the pioneer of Intermittent Keto Fasting™… For the past few years I've helped 100's of struggling men and women curb cravings, increase energy & lose fat to look and feel more confident in their own body.

However I wasn’t always a “fat loss expert." In fact...

In 2018 I was tipping the scale at a humiliating 243 lbs. Dragging my feet around the house with no energy for my wife and 3 kids because of my addiction to unhealthy food.

I tried tons of different diets to get back in shape...Low fat, high protein, smoothie detoxes, eating 4-6 small meals a day. And nothing worked.

Plus, I struggled to find a sustainable routine to fit my lifestyle as a busy parent and entrepreneur...

That’s when I created a unique eating strategy called: Intermittent Keto Fasting…

In just 7 short months, I lost 70 pounds, increased energy levels and  my willpower came roaring back because my cravings for unhealthy foods completely vanished.

Today, I've coached other men and women who struggled with their weight  by using my 4 Intermittent Keto Fasting phases designed to increase energy, curb cravings, get healthy and lose weight.

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