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You’ve been MISLED with BAD INFORMATION. AVOID These 3 “Fat Loss Killers’” If You Want To Maximize Your Metabolism, Fat Loss and Muscle Definition…

If you’ve had problems with fat loss, burning stubborn body fat or revealing ripped, shredded 6-pack abs… It Isn’t Your Fault.

Instead, blame the dieticians, celebrity trainers, bodybuilding competitors and Instagram “guru’s” who HAVE IT ALL WRONG.

You don’t need to “add more cardio” and spend 45 minutes per day on a treadmill which can further slow your metabolism.

You don’t need to “supplement your way back to health” with nonsensical cleanses which can often times make the problem worse.

You don’t need to “power through it” and start going “harder and longer” (to burn more calories) as this often leads to further metabolic and hormonal dysfunction

 As you read through this page, you’ll discover 3 fat loss killers that keeps you fat, sluggish and weak.

Fat Loss Killer #1  Creates a Burned Out, Sluggish & Down-Regulated Metabolism Making It Darn Near IMPOSSIBLE To Lose Belly Fat

fat lossMost men think “going harder and longer” (to burn more calories) is the solution to rebuilding your metabolism. Just “power through it” and you’ll lose more fat. It makes logical sense, right?


This is one of the biggest lies and traps, preventing you from maximizing your metabolism and it’s the exact thing that lead to the metabolic damage in the first place.

In fact, working out more leads to piling on fat an alarming rate. How?

Because you skyrocket a hormone called cortisol that starts to breakdown your own muscle tissue for energy resulting in your testosterone levels plummeting and your metabolism slowing to a crawl.


Simple. Drop the “longer and harder” mentality.

Whether you’re a male in his 20’s or 40’s you need shorter, more carefully designed workouts that work at rebuilding your metabolism and not pounding it.

Keep reading you uncover a type of training that will maximize your metabolism towards a fast, healthy and resilient machine, permanently.

Fat Loss Killer #2  Enhances Fat Storing & Makes Your Body Burn Less & Less From More & More

fat lossMost men have been lead to believe that if you add cardio in the form of aerobic exercise you are doing a good thing to rebuild your metabolism and burn off some rebound body-fat weight gain.

But when you’re dealing with a damaged metabolism and haywire hormonal environment this is simply NOT TRUE.

Just add some cardio to “burn fat” or “raise metabolism” sounds like a sound approach, right? This is simply not the case.

Not only is cardio not the best exercise for fat loss, it can enhance fat storing. How?

Because your body become more efficient at using fat as a source of fuel. Is this good? NO! It means you’re burning less and less from more and more!


Simple. Stop doing cardio, as of, TODAY!

Did you know it’s actually EASIER for men to lose fat without cardio?

Any male between the ages of 20-45, from my own experience working with clients, can achieve a lean 12% body fat level without any type of aerobic training such as running, swimming, biking, stairmaster, elliptical etc.

To put it bluntly: Cardio is a fool’s game.

The calorie-burning approach towards fat loss is faulty. The focus must be on maximizing your metabolism and hormonal environments towards a healthy state.

This means quality, or doing the right type of exercise such as resistance training and avoiding quantity, such as cardio.

The secret is performing STX sets which allow you To pack on inches of striated muscle WITHOUT long cardio, pounding your joints or performing countless sets in the gym…

Fat Loss Killer #3 Tanks The Holy Grail Of All Male Hormones: Testosterone Leaving You Female Levels of Estrogen

fat lossWant to know the fastest way to reduce your chances of showing off eye-catching muscle definition?

Leave your body fat over 12%. Yes, when you have excess body fat (anything over 12% body fat for men) actually converts the king of all hormones, testosterone, into the female hormone… estrogen!

As more and more of your testosterone gets eaten up, it gets converted into the female sex hormone — estrogen — leading to possible man boobs, low sex drive and an additional risk of increased body fat around the midsection.

Amazingly, most of the popular “body-part training” workout programs work AGAINST your body’s natural testosterone-increasing ability.

Worse still, these traditional “body-part training” workout programs weaken your muscles, speed up the aging process and result in that dreaded “skinny fat” look all over your body.


Commit to decreasing your body fat down under 12% if you’re a male (and 22% if you’re a female).

If you’re unsure of what 12% body fat looks like, it’s a visible 4 pack. If you can’t see your top 4 abs, you’re in the right spot.

And best of all, there’s a much smarter way to get your body fat below 12% so you escape that dreaded “skinny fat” look while revealing head-turning levels of muscle definition.

On the next page, you’ll learn how men in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond can pack on slabs of lean concrete muscle faster and easier than guys half their age.

My favorite part? You get to spend less time in the gym WITHOUT wasting hours in the gym or lifting heavy weights so you can make MASSIVE muscle gains injury free for years to come.​


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