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Intermittent Keto Fasting is a unique eating strategy that started with Instagram’s influencer, Tim Ernst.

Most people know Tim Ernst as the pioneer of Intermittent Keto Fasting™…

For the for the past few years he’s helped struggling men and women lose fat, increase energy, and completely transform their body in record time.

Intermittent Keto Fasting™ is a combination of keto and intermittent fasting.

Tim uses this eating strategy as way to get people to:  “Get Your Food Right” in order to get healthy, increase energy and lose weight effectively.

Below is a story from a struggling mom of 2 small children who applied Tim’s Intermittent Keto Fasting™ eating strategy to lose 30 pounds.

By:  Tim Ernst – Founder of The 10 Day Fat Exterminator, Body Blitz Max, 180 Muscle and Barbell/Dumbbell Ripped Muscle Complexes

Fallon’s Story

I am a 30..something mom of 2 who lives in South Carolina. In high school, I played volleyball and I was lean and muscular. I had that “I can eat whatever I want and never gain any weight” type of body (don’t you just loathe those people :)).

Well fast forward a decade and a half and I am most certainly no longer one of those people.

I met my husband when I was 19 and that is when I began to put on weight. We were happy and happiness can lead to complacency.

When we chose to get pregnant with our now 6 year old son, I weighed 250 lbs when I gave birth.

In the coming months, I stayed around 230 pounds but I was nursing my son weight wasn’t something I was concerned with at that time.

I became obsessed with organic food and living a holistic lifestyle but I quickly learned that organic definitely does not always mean healthy!

I got pregnant again about 2 years later and gained slightly less weight with her (think chasing a wild toddler around) but still hovered around that 230lb mark.

I breastfed her for 2 years and while I still ate local, fresh and organic food—the focus was not on the actual content of the food I was eating, how it affected me and the way I felt.

The Breaking Point

Intermittent Keto FastingAt 10 months old, my daughter had an absent impartial seizure that turned my entire world upside down.

We went from having a happy healthy child to watching her eyes every second waiting on another one to happen.

I realized quickly that I could not live like this so I sought out a therapist and this was the first turning point for me.

EDITORS NOTE: Knowing what and how much to eat for weight loss is critical towards your success.

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The therapist did not feel like I was a candidate for depression or anti-anxiety medicine (bless her!) so she put me through intensive cognitive behavioral therapy.

This saved me, it awoke a fire inside of me that I did not know existed and I began to learn a whole lot about myself.

I had severe anxiety, that had really been present since my teens, but I didn’t realize it. I was so unhappy with myself it was causing me to have horrible mood swings.

I was eating my emotions and comfort foods that I thought would make me happy. I was unhappy so I would eat and then I would be unhappy because I ate.

The Change

Intermittent Keto Fasting

My therapist suggested that I need an outlet so I joined the gym and met a phenomenal yoga instructor and I gave it my all.

Yoga taught me bodily awareness and I got stronger but the scale didn’t budge. You know the saying that you can’t out exercise a bad diet…well it’s true!

I started researching diets, joined weight watchers for a short time (what a joke that was!) and kept naturally gravitating toward the keto diet.

It made the most sense to me..fat feeds the brain and since I was already so aware of ingredients when I read the ingredient lists on low calorie/low fat foods, I was appalled that these were being presented as healthy.

Almost every diet out there relies on ketosis for fat loss! So...

How exactly do you get into ketosis? Simple!

All you have to do is eat the keto recipes in this brand new FREE cookbook called:

The Wicked Good Ketogenic Diet Cookbook <=

I started following many inspirational people on IG that used the keto diet to lose 100’s of pounds.

One day I stumbled upon Tim and his Thanksgiving challenge. He said to just give him 10 days. He motivated me via his Instagram Stories, Instagram Posts and kept saying just give it your all for 10 days and if you aren’t happy with the results and the way you feel then stop.

Intermittent Keto Fasting

I decided to give it my all and I followed his plan intently for the next 10 days.

Over those 10 days, I lost 9 pounds! But I gained so much more…my anxiety that I was always having to suppress with the tools I learned in therapy was nearly nonexistent.

I had been diagnosed with folliculitis when I was a teenager and told there was no cure but it had stopped flaring up and even some of my scars had started to heal.

I wasn’t starving and craving foods and sugar like I had with every other diet in the past. I was losing weight and I FELT GREAT!

Thank you

Intermittent Keto Fasting

So here I am, I have lost 30 pounds through Tim’s Intermittent Keto Fasting eating approach. I know how every food I eat makes my body feel. I don’t emotionally eat anymore.

If I am sad, I feel it—I take it head on and then I MOVE ON! I know how to fuel myself for workouts.

I still fail sometimes—just this weekend we had a birthday party at P.F. Changs and I thought what the hey I am going to eat a few things off plan. And guess what, I felt like junk afterward, had horrible heartburn and my mood suffered.

I am still learning what is worth it and what isn’t but it’s not a RACE, it is a JOURNEY and it’s ok to fail!

You just have to start right back from where you left off and keep going because after every failure you learn something and it becomes part of your story.

Tim is an incredibly motivating individual. He is a true success story and he practices what he preaches.

He actually cares about people and getting them real results that last and make you FEEL GOOD.

He is the real deal and I am grateful that he is part of my story :)!


Don’t you think it’s time to change the way you’re eating? Isn’t it time YOU get the body you desire & deserve? If so, simply apply my Intermittent Keto Fasting approach!

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Intermittent Keto Fasting


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