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The ‘Food Guide Pyramid’ Recommended By The United States Department Of Agriculture Is Making Men Fatter Than They’ve Ever Been At Any Other Time In History.

This misleading food pyramid is packing globs of fat onto your frame…

Throwing your testosterone levels out of whack and  sucking your energy levels dry.

Basically, “expert recommended diets” have led you down a path of danger… like a dark alley on the wrong side of town at 2 am.

You may walk away unharmed, but it’s more likely you’re coming out of the alley with a black eye, bloody nose and missing wallet.

Which is why I’m going to shed some light on how DANGEROUS the ‘Food Pyramid’ really is… RIGHT NOW.

Food Pyramid Lie Number 1 – Load Up On Carbohydrates

lose weight

The foundation of any pyramid is its base and if the base is weak, you can expect the entire building to come crumbling down.

Cue, the ‘Food Guide Pyramid’…

The ground floor of the Food Pyramid is carbohydrates – bread, pasta, rice, cereal, oatmeal – hinting that your daily diet should build on carbohydrates

Carbohydrates that convert into sugar and skyrocket your insulin levels. Turning your body into a storage unit for flab. [1]

To make matters worse, Food Pyramid “experts” don’t restrict carbohydrates to the ground floor of your diet.

Instead, they also suggest you pack in piles of sugary fruits that’ll send your blood sugar levels through the roof.

And as a result, you’ll be subject to heart disease, reduced insulin sensitivity, diabetes, embarrassing weight gain and obesity [2].

All because you’ve been force-fed a lie for decades.

Now I’m not saying eating lots of carbs are bad… In fact, carbohydrates are key for men who want to maintain a fast metabolism and high and healthy testosterone levels.

Yet if you’re not eating specific carbs at a specific time of day or you’re consuming too much based on your specific needs, you’ll only pack on fat.

And in a minute I’ll show you how you can still eat lots of carbs and actually USE THEM to help you BURN FAT, build lean muscle, and raise your testosterone levels in a snap.

Food Pyramid Lie Number 2 – Keep Fat Intake Low


The peak is the smallest part of any pyramid…

At the peak of the ‘Food Guide Pyramid’ you’ll find a dangerously stingy suggestion for how much fat you should eat per day… 30% of your daily calories AT MOST…

In reality this “professional advice” is lethal to men who want to burn fat, build muscle, load up on energy, and have a great sex life because Fat is the #1 contributor to testosterone levels in men.

In fact, one shocking study, published in the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry discovered that low-fat diets cause testosterone levels to plummet at an alarming rate [3].

The lower your testosterone levels are, the MORE BODY FAT you’ll hang onto…

Another disturbing study published in Scientific Reports, found that low testosterone levels leads to accelerated muscle atrophy… (A condition that’ll slow down your metabolism and make fat-loss nearly impossible [4].)

Plus, what they don’t tell you is when you eat a specific amount of fat and carbs during the same meal you actually store fat, I call this the “Flab Factor.”

Basically, even when you consume a healthy fat like an avocado and pair it up with a natural carb source like fruit… your fat burning switch is flipped OFF.

You INSTANTLY begin storing fat… But I’ll show you how to avoid this further down the page…

But first, I have one more secret to expose…

Food Pyramid Lie Number 3 – Keep Away From Cholesterol

Ketogenic Diet

Every doctor that has ever told you to stay away from cholesterol has been DEAD WRONG… Especially if you want to torch fat once and for all.

Dietary cholesterol is present in most animal food sources – bacon, eggs, beef, steak – and is proven to accelerate and multiply testosterone production in men.

One groundbreaking study compared the levels of HDL cholesterol and testosterone in 4,000 men and discovered that men with higher HDL cholesterol also had higher testosterone.

In fact, there was a 1:1 correlation between the two [5].

Also according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, high testosterone levels have been proven to kick fat-loss into hyper-drive, electrify your ability to build muscle and light the spark back into your sex life again [6].

However, ‘Food Guide’ mumbo-jumbo recommends that you limit cholesterol intake to “micro portions,” which will drag your testosterone levels to the slaughterhouse kicking and screaming.

All because greedy doctors and insurance companies have wrongly demonized cholesterol as a risk for heart disease.

So that they can prescribe ‘statins’… A flimsy and dangerous “cardiovascular medication” that’s been passed out to patients like candy but has been responsible for ruining the lives of thousands of people because of its harmful long-term side-effects [7].

But even though cholesterol’s reputation has been ruined over the years…

Recent studies have confirmed cholesterol’s ‘not-guilty’ plea by disclosing that a diet with generous amounts of HDL cholesterol will actually improve both your testosterone levels and your heart health… [8] [9]

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