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Millions of men with “low-T” have been receiving Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) to feel young and a new man again, but you NEED to know the negative effects, and why boosting Testosterone naturally is a much smarter, safer and better alternative than TRT.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy has been around for quite sometime.

As a man you know there is nothing worse than being unable to perform in the bedroom.

It is without a doubt the most embarrassing and emasculating thing you could ever experience.

And guess what?

It is happening to thousands of men every single night….

To make matters worse, the big pharmaceutical companies are preying on the insecurities of millions of men who find themselves in this very situation.

I’m sure you have seen the commercials.

You know the ones with the gorgeous, half naked women promising to have the magic pill that is guaranteed to help you last all night long?

NEWSFLASH…..You’re being lied to

No man can last all night long. Not even with the help of a pill, cream or injection…

As a matter of fact, using these unnatural means to boost your testosterone levels is extremely risky and downright dangerous.



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As a man your body is designed to produce testosterone on its own.

Anytime you interrupt the natural production process you will run into big problems.

This is because synthetic testosterone actually increases the amount of the female hormone estrogen in your body.

So instead of an increased sex drive you will end up with smaller testicles, a bulging belly and man boobs.

There are literally millions of men in this country who have on-going prescriptions for testosterone gels, injections, pills, or tablets.

Big pharma makes lofty promises to men that these magical elixirs will instantly reverse ALL their “Low T” symptoms while restoring the body they had in their 20s….but is this REALLY true?

It’s not really the food itself that causes low testosterone levels, but what they are putting in it.

  • In your water: Water bottles and other plastic containers are manufactured with a xenoestrogen (an estrogen mimicker) called Bisphenol-A (BPA). The feminizing effects of BPA are widely known…
  • In the meat and milk you’ve eaten since you were a child: Estrogen steroids are used to fatten up livestock…
  • In the fruits & vegetables you eat every day: There’s estrogen in the food due to abundant use of estrogen-like pesticides such as hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) as well in the plasticides when manufacturing eating utensils. There’s also phyto-estrogens in certain foods like soy…

If you want an ‘all-natural’ T-boosting solution, then you MUST get the extra estrogen OUT of your body to ‘jump-start’ your natural testosterone production:

2 Quick Tips To Naturally BOOST Your Testosterone Levels

  1. Consume more Vitamin D – Vitamin D helps to free up testosterone that’s bound to proteins in your body. Once freed, your levels naturally rise.
  2. Take two cold showers a day – Taking a cold shower at night will help you sleep while naturally enhancing your “T” levels. Sleep is vitally important to re-balancing all your hormones.  If you want to be an optimal man your body needs cold showers. Here are 8 powerful ways cold showers make you a better man by BOOSTING natural testosterone.

While it is true that these simple tips can help boost your “T” levels back to the level of a 25 year old…

They are both completely USELESS if you’re making any of these 5 MAJOR mistakes that are killing your testosterone levels

Testosterone Replacement Therapy


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