Increase Testosterone Naturally Through These 2 Methods

Lifting weights is a great way to increase muscle mass and testosterone. However you need to know what type of exercises work best PLUS – what foods to eat.

Testosterone, the hormone men need in order to build muscle.  How can you tell if you have low testosterone?  This simple at home test will tell you.

Before we get into the specifics on how to naturally increase testosterone, we first need to understand how muscle grows.

Most experts will tell you must be in a caloric surplus to build muscle mass. Muscle grows and survives on calories, but what kind of calories?

Well for starters you’ll need to increase your fat intake. Healthy fats have been known to increase testosterone which correlates to building muscle.

However, there are a few more foods that people don’t realize that will help increase testosterone which means more muscle for you.

Here Are 4 Unusual Foods That Increase Your Anabolic Fountain Of Youth Hormone…


 TestosteroneMelatonin rich foods can increase growth hormone by 157%​, with raspberries being the most potent melatonin concentrated food.

Toss this ancient fruit into your morning oatmeal, blend in a smoothie, or enjoy atop creamy French vanilla ice cream.

This anabolic fruit energizes your body and boosts your male libido in minutes…


testosteroneAccording to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology, when you eat pineapple before bed you naturally increase growth hormone levels overnight.

This fruit releases melatonin and serotonin during sleep… two chemicals which stimulate GH production…Not only that… pineapple is proven to naturally boost t-levels, making it a “double-whammy” for muscle growth and a heightened sex-drive.


Testosterone The amino acids in a fresh and juicy beef patty are plenty to switch your body into an anabolic state.

According to one study recorded at the University of Texas, the amino acids in beef help synthesize L-orthinine; a compound that ramps-up growth hormone production 4X…


testosteroneEggs are full of anabolic vitamins A, E, D, K and B. and filled with potent peptides shown to jump-start new muscle growth. Old school bodybuilders swear by it.

Take it from Mr. Universe competitor Vince Gironda who said, “3 dozen fertile hen-eggs a day are as effective as anabolic steroids.”

These are just 4 foods that will increase you anabolic hormones responsible for muscle growth however, there are many more ways to BOOST testosterone naturally.

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There are currently 4 specialized techniques for increasing muscle mass, burn fat and increase anabolic hormones such as testosterone and grwoth hormone.

TECHNIQUE #1 – Multi Joint Movements.

testosteroneMulti joint movements are nothing more than compound lifts such as bench press, squats, military press and Deadlifts.

These are great for boosting growth hormone (anti aging hormone). If you do these make sure to do them first in your current weight lifting routine.

TECHNIQUE #2 – DRTS(™) Training.

TestosteroneDRTS training is great for creating a lot of “lactic acid” and has been shown to increase growth hormone and testosterone.

By definition lactic acid is produced during intense levels of exercise when the oxygen demands of the muscle fibers increase beyond what the blood is capable of delivering.

To produce the energy needed, the body begins another process, which works in the absence of oxygen.

It’s a white milky substance that finds it’s way into your muscles…you begin to feel an intense BURN and PUMP which helps boost Growth Hormone levels in the body.

DRTS Training And Growth Hormone…

The body responds to the reduced pH (increased acidity) in the body from the production of Lactic Acid by secreting Growth Hormone. Growth Hormone is a powerful fat loss and muscle building hormone.

Heavy loads coupled with little rest when performing DRTS(™) training increases your circulating blood lactate levels, which increase the acidity of your blood.

This increase in blood acidity will TRIGGER the release of growth hormone from one of the body’s most powerful endocrine organs, the pituitary.

DRTS Training And Testosterone…

Testosterone is also released at an increased rate during the performance of near-maximal DRTS(™) protocols. And directly after a bout of intense training, insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) circulates at increased levels for up to forty hours.

This leaves the anabolic window wide open for GROWTH potential and recovery.

It can help increase muscle fiber activation, produced greater exercise blood lactate (lactic acid), increases energy expenditure (for fat loss), and are used primarily to RAMP up the metabolic stress of a specific portion of a training session.

Essentially, this means you can use specific exercise combos to increase the intensity of work and reach hypertrophy on a specific muscle, helping to GROW FASTER.

DRTS training is used to really SHOCK the muscles, FORCING the body to activate many more muscle fibers than it normally would to perform these exercises.

TECHNIQUE #3 – Combining High Intensity with Low Intensity Exercise using Short Rest Periods.

testosteroneProtocols high in volume, moderate to high in intensity, using short rest intervals and stressing a large muscle mass, tend to produce the greatest acute hormonal elevations (e.g. testosterone, GH and the catabolic hormone cortisol) compared with low-volume, high-intensity protocols using long rest intervals.

One study showed that after 4 weeks, combining high intensity with low intensity exercise in the same workout for leg press and leg extension increased isokinetic strength, and muscular endurance.

In a nut shell…

A combination of high-and low-intensity regimens is effective for optimizing the strength adaptation of muscle in a periodized training program.

TECHNIQUE #4 – Antagonist/Agonoist Training.

TestosteroneMost popular bodybuilding programs consist of training primary and secondary muscle groups such as chest/tri’s, back /bi’s, etc…

While this training style has it’s benefits it does NOTHING to increase testosterone, strength, size and burn fat.

Super-setting opposing muscle groups or antagonist/agonist is something entirely different.

When The “Oak”Arnold Schwarzenegger trained his chest by bench pressing he would do a complete 180 turn and do pull-ups to train his back in the same set creating a HUGE surge of lactic acid known as the “PUMP!”

Olympic trainer Charles Poliquin stated that many bench press records have been set right after a set of heavy bent rows for back.

It helps because it increases the amount of blood going through the working body parts. This increased circulation results in a fresher blood supply, helping the muscles to work more efficiently with more oxygen.

It also ensures that you’re doing enough work for both sides of the body for better muscular balance.


Testosterone, Growth Hormone and Lactic Acid is more critical than your diet or any workout program you follow.

You must execute each rep, each set and each exercise using these 4 techniques above to kick-start the anabolic hormones responsible for lean muscle growth.

If you fail to apply ALL 4 of these techniques you just learned it doesn’t matter how disciplined you are with your diet, you’ll fail at building lean muscle .

But if you act on what I just explained to you starting today, you’ll be way ahead of your buddies and other guys around the world.

I have put together a step by step system which will unlock the muscle building hormones hidden inside your body.

This training program increases testosterone……growth hormone…leanness and mass… and is based on science.

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