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Here is the proper and ONLY way to warm up (that no one teaches) that will better prepare you before your workout and reduce injury.

When it comes to a warm up, stretching, pre-workout stretching will not increase performance; in fact, it decreases your overall strength.


warm up

Specifically, recent research has shown that passive stretching reduces neural drive in the Type ll motor units.

This makes it very difficult for your body to work to its potential, especially when weight training. If you truly want to stretch, save it for after training.

In the G.E.T. System, (Gene Expression Training) the 5 main priorities for the warm-up include:

  • Increasing sympathetic activation of the heart
  • Improving blood ow
» Getting synovial fluid into the joints
  • Increasing muscle temperature
  • Clearing your mind to get you in the zone.

All of these will increase performance in the gym and support what you are trying to accomplish.

The priorities were selected to give you 360 degree coverage mentally and physically for your training sessions.

The workouts demand you bring your absolute best effort day in and day out. The warm up allows you to bring that effort and keep the injuries away so you keep coming back for more.

Warm up

warm up

Warming up for a gym session is extremely important. It is going to help increase performance and strength and also decrease the risk of injury.

There are many different types of warm-ups out there, all with a different purpose to produce a specific adaptation in the body prior to training.

What we want to avoid is doing so much work that you begin to tire yourself out or doing too much stretching—doing either (or both) will only compromise performance.

The performance slump of tiring yourself out prior to training is pretty straightforward, but more often than not people do too long of a jog or run prior to training.

If you do light cardio in excess of 5-10 minutes prior to weight training you are slowly but surely increasing the acidity in your skeletal muscle tissue.

When you increase the acidity in your muscles, you create lactate at a faster rate.

When you create lactate at a faster rate you will fatigue earlier on in a set then you would have had you been more alkaline.

To paint a picture, if you and your buddy were of equal strength and were both doing sets of 12 on the bench press, if you had performed too much cardio prior to training, you would fatigue (based on your lactate levels) around the 6-8 mark as opposed to the 12 mark simply because you will receive the “burning” feeling from exercise far sooner.

The Proper Way To Warm Up

warm up

To warm up, pick your first two exercises with a load of 40% 1RM and perform each of them for 2 sets of 10 using full range of motion (ROM) and good control.

I want to make it clear that when we say full range of motion, we are refer- ring to your active available range of motion. This is entirely about the level of ROM YOU bring, not the textbook or your workout partners.

Never take your muscles and joints into a movement that you cannot control.

Everybody has an active available range of motion that we have to respect. If we do not respect this individual range variance you are increasing your susceptibility to injury drastically by putting your body through a movement pattern that it does not want to move through.

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warm up
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Once you have warmed up and established your ROM, then you can safely add a load to that range and train it.

This can vary from week to week, day to day or even set to set depending on many different factors.

Always ensure you stay within your specific range and train the way your body wants to train that day.

This goes for all phases of the G.E.T. system (Gene Expression Training) and should be followed as a training principle in your program and warm-up design for life.

To get the most out of your warm-
up sets, it’s best to think of them as “rehearsal” sets too.

This is where you ensure that you’re performing the movement optimally BEFORE jumping into your work sets. Take advantage of these sets and you’ll be sure to capitalize on all of your work sets.

To sum it up, well performed rehearsal sets provide:

  • Faster muscle contraction and relaxation of both agonist and antagonist muscles
  • Improvements in both rate of force production and reaction time
  • Improvements in muscle strength and power
  • Lowered viscous resistance in muscles
  • Improved oxygen delivery
  • Increased blood ow to active muscles
  • Enhanced metabolic reactions
  • What’s Next?

As mentioned in the article, (G.E.T. training or Gene Expression Training) is a workout program that is designed to work for your specific body type.

The warm ups that are in this article was taken directly form the G.E.T training system.

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