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Captain America’s Chris Evans didn’t need to do much ab work or cardio to get RIPPED abs and WIDE shoulders. Here’s his EXACT workout and diet regiment.

Chris Evans regiment was based on heavyweight/low-rep sets of the classic compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, shoulder press, incline bench presses, weighted dips, and chin-ups.

Chris Evans routine was based on working 2 muscle groups per session by using the classic style training of, Antagonist/Agonist muscle groups.


Chris EvansAn example of antagonist/agonist training is as follows:

  • Bicep/Tricep
  • Chest/Back/
  • Quads/Hams
  • Back/Shoulders

See the pattern? It’s training opposing muscle groups. This is the same style of training I do and is one of the 4 techniques I use in my 12 week muscle training program, 180 Muscle.

It’s the same exact way Arnold Schwarzenegger used to train.

Back to Chris Evans…

Chris also hit every angle of a muscle. For example on chest day he would do close-grip incline press, incline bench flyes, and incline press-ups. Then he would do kneeling shoulder-press sometimes, to incorporate more abs.

He also did a lot of different weighted pull-ups, weighted dips, press-ups with a plate on my back. Simple-but-effective exercises, basically the classic body-weight workouts such as this 4 minute tabata workout.

He also did a bunch of plyometric exercises like squat-to-box-jumps.

When he finished training he would train his core as a cool down. So much for direct ab work. There simply was not a lot of direct ab work and you really don’t need ab workouts to get abs.

As stated above, compound exercises Chris did such as deadlifts, squats, kneeling shoulder press was enough to build is mid section not direct ab work.

Here’s how to build abs WITHOUT direct ab work=>The 3 Best Abdominal Exercises that Are NOT Your Normal Ab Exercises


ChrisChris replaced cardio with circuits (something I’ve been preaching here on Quora for a long time). Chris’s goal was to NOT lose weight but put on muscle and cardio is a muscle wasting activity. He only did 10–15 minute intervals just to warm up.

The cardio came from doing the circuits, which are much more effective for conditioning because you’re working at a much higher heart rate.

Chris did no jogging, no rowing, no stationary bike—nothing!


Chris’s overall diet was an increase of protein and a lot of protein at that.

Chris ate a whooping 2 grams protein per kilogram of body-weight and that was achieved through eating a lot of chicken and protein shakes in between meals.


Chris EvansHe also eat porridge, walnuts, raisins, low-fat Greek yogurt, a scoop of protein and maybe sliced banana for breakfast, which is generally an hour or two before he would work out. Then through the day he would eat a lot of things like fish and other lean meats

He also ate a lot of salad with a protein. Lots of dark green, leafy vegetables, and then also a handful of almonds here and there for fat.

He basically had a high-protein diet balanced with vegetables and fruits and some complex carbs, things like brown rice and porridge.


Chris EvansChris consumed glutamine, whey protein shakes, branched-chain amino acids, then 500mg supplements of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids every single meal.

So that’s about it! He really did not do direct ab work except of when he did his cool downs.


As you’ve seen, Chris Evans incorporated a variety of techniques into his training program from strength training, body-weight circuits, HIIT, etc.

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