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Building Muscle with Vegetarian Indian Food

Building muscle requires protein but many countries around the world are vegetarian.  Here are some unique Indian foods that may SHOCK new muscle growth Lately I have had many people who are vegetarian from India contact me on how to gain weight and build muscle. When I give them a response I didn’t realize that…

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Number 1 Cereal For Building Lean Muscle Gains

The breakfast of champions, cereal. Most cereals are high in sugar, salt, preservatives, and have very little fiber. Here’s 1 cereal you can eat GUILT free! One thing I used to cut from my diet was cereal.  I used to eat it all the time because it tastes good. Cereal is fast to make, easy…

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Muscle Building PIZZA For Making Muscle Gains

Fitness nutrition does not have to be about sticking to the lame and boring chicken and broccoli diet.  Here’s a delicious muscle building pizza that rocks. Who does not like to indulge in their favorite sinful food pizza? Today I’m giving away one of the killer recipes from Anabolic Cooking so you can reward yourself…

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Apple Oatmeal Pancakes For A Lean Ripped Body

They’re one of America’s favorite breakfast foods but can be detrimental for fat loss.  Here’s how to make delicious pancakes for a lean and ripped body. Who doesn’t enjoy pancakes?  I’m willing to bet that you wish you could still eat pancakes and build a ripped body at the same time. Well today I want…

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