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post workout restaurant food

Post Workout Restaurant Food

Post workout restaurant food can be quite beneficial to spark new muscle growth while on your journey to building a solid physique. Post workout restaurant food is great when you are short on time and don’t have to be bound strictly to cooking at home. You don’t need to restrict yourself to cooking at home. …

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Mouth Watering High Protein Pancakes

It’s Monday and time to make this mouth watering high protein pancake recipe. Sometimes I like to eat something completely different than the standard eggs and bacon. How about you? We all have cravings and today I’m going to satisfy those cravings with this awesome and simple mouth watering recipe, PROTEIN PANCAKES! This is a…

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Bodybuilding Post Nutrition For Gains

It’s Monday and time to share with you another Monday Muscle Meal plan.  Specifically, bodybuilding post nutrition for gains but, before I do that please read this important information below: The WINNER of The 180 Muscle Method Program will be announced  Today at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.  It’s your last chance to enter so…

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Lean Muscle Burgers

It’s Monday and time to share with you another Monday Muscle Meal plan. Today’s meal is another post workout meal that you can eat about an hour after your workout. Remember, Post workout shake 30 minutes after your workout Then 1 hour after your shake, eat your first post workout meal. Here is today’s post…

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Monday Muscle Meal (Post Workout Food)

It’s Monday afternoon and time to share with you another Monday Muscle Meal plan. Today’s meal is a post workout food that you can eat about an hour after your workout. Post nutrition is by far the most important meal in order to build rapid lean muscle. The reason it’s the most important is because…

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Post Workout Nutrition

No workout is complete without the proper nutrition and supplementation.   Day number 2 of the Vince Delmonte Pro Team workout is DONE. Here is my post nutrition below: Watch this video as I prepare Ground Turkey, Egg Whites topped with fresh salsa and broccoli. Workout Supplements include BCAA Glutamine Creatine CLA Greens Product Protein…

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muscle on a budget

Build Muscle On A Budget So You Can Save Cash

Need Easy and Cheap Meals to Fuel Your Gains and You Are Not Sure As to What Foods Work BEST?  Here’s a short list of Weight Gaining Foods on a budget. Listen let’s face it, building muscle isn’t cheap. There are so many factors involved when you want to gain weight and build muscle.  You…

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red meat

5 Health Benefits Of Eating Red Meat

Red meat. To eat or not to eat.  Red meat has gotten a bad rap when it comes to overall health however it can play a major role for hard-gainer muscle growth. Red meat nutrients plays a key role in immune and cognitive health. Red Meat is a great source of protein, (which is the…

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Building Muscle with Vegetarian Indian Food

Building muscle requires protein but many countries around the world are vegetarian.  Here are some unique Indian foods that may SHOCK new muscle growth Lately I have had many people who are vegetarian from India contact me on how to gain weight and build muscle. When I give them a response I didn’t realize that…

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Number 1 Cereal For Building Lean Muscle Gains

The breakfast of champions, cereal. Most cereals are high in sugar, salt, preservatives, and have very little fiber. Here’s 1 cereal you can eat GUILT free! One thing I used to cut from my diet was cereal.  I used to eat it all the time because it tastes good. Cereal is fast to make, easy…

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