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Muscle Building

5 Muscle Building Foods to Pack On Mass Fast

Stock up on these muscle building foods to increase weight and muscle mass.  Here are 5 foods you have to eat in order to build a bigger and ripped body. Muscle building and gaining weight can be very challenging for skinny guys.  Don’t get caught up into buying weight gainers and protein powders, they’ll just…

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Hodgetwins Eat Fast Food To Stay Lean and Make Gains

Hodgetwins Keith and Kevin are making all kinds of gains eating fast food while staying lean.  Here are 3 of their techniques they use on a daily basis. The Hodgetwins Keith and Kevin are known for their comical routine on YouTube along with their infamous eating challenges while making all kinds of gains. I would…

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burn fat

Fastest Method to Burn Fat WITHOUT Exercise

Don’t have time to exercise but still want to burn fat?  Here is one tried and true method that will burn fat faster than any popular main stream diet. One of the most stubborn areas to burn fat is the lower belly.  Here is a FREE 14 day protocol to losing ALL your lower belly…

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10 Ways To Get Protein WITHOUT Eating Meat

Eating meat isn’t the only way to add protein to your diet.  Try these 10 protein rich foods to build rapid muscle and incinerate fat. Protein is critical for cell growth and the repair of muscle.  I’m not a big advocate of abstaining from meat.  You simply can not build muscle without protein, but what…

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cheat day

2 BEST Workout Routines Before Your Cheat Day

When and how to have an effective cheat day can make or break you in your quest to build muscle without the fat.  Below are 2 very powerful workouts you can do before you cheat and not gain a single pound! A “no tolerance” approach to dieting is a losing battle for most.  Telling someone…

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build muscle

3 Powerful Carb Timing Tricks to Build Muscle

One of the most common nutrition “myths,” BAD carbs vs. GOOD carbs. The TRUTH, it’s in the timing.  Here are 3 powerful carb timing tricks to build muscle. They say that timing is everything.  More importantly, “carb timing.”  Choosing to consume your carbs can either make you or break you when trying to burn fat…

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muscle mass

5 Muscle Mass Building Tips For Skinny Guys

Skinny guys believe that building muscle mass is impossible due to their genetics.  More often than not, they’re not training, eating and recovering properly.  Here are 5 tips to putting on muscle mass fast. When training for muscle mass, not all diets and workout methods are suitable.  You need a plan of attack if you…

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Ripped Body

3 Simple Rules For Getting a Lean and Ripped Body

Forget unrealistic diets and two-hour gym workouts.  Score a lean and ripped body guys will envy and women want to be around. One of the most stubborn areas to lose is lower belly fat.  Here is a FREE 14 day protocol to losing ALL your lower belly bulge and “target” stubborn fat. To get a…

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muscle mass

Gain 10 Pounds With The Ultimate Muscle Mass Formula

Packing on mass has more to do with diet and recovery than what you do in the gym. Here’s a tried and true mass formula to gain 10 pounds in a month. Want to gain 10 pounds in a month?  You are going to have to eat BIG for a certain amount of time based…

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losing fat

3 reasons you’re not losing fat faster

The vast majority of people in the gym are there to lose fat.  If you’re having trouble losing fat, you might be committing one of 3 fat loss fatalities! We all know that in order to lose fat we have to take in fewer calories than we burn.  This sounds pretty simple but more often…

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