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SCREW CARDIO! Use Barbell Complexes Instead to BURN Fat While Building Muscle…Here’s 11 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Them Right NOW for BIG Gains!

Listen… I hate cardio for fat loss.  In fact, cardio is one of the worst forms of exercises to lose fat

However, when it comes to maximum fat loss and muscle retention there are more effective advanced tactics that me and my top clients have been using for years to…

  • Screw cardio
  • Get shredded quickly
  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Destroy belly fat
  • Skyrocket conditioning
  • Test mental toughness
  • Improve recovery ability
  • Look like a badass


  • Avoid muscle loss
  • Avoid banging up your joints
  • Avoid being bored by traditional cardio
  • Avoid wasting your life away on a machine

The best part, it can take as little as 10 minutes to do, once per week.  (For super tough guys and gals, they’ll build up to 25 minutes.)

What I have for you has nothing to do with being in a fasted state…

It’s not a diet…

It’s not a supplement…

It’s not body-weight training…

It’s the fastest possible way to lose fat… with the most muscle retention possible.

NO JOKE: Once you add this to your workout, just once a week, your body will be leaner, harder and stronger in exactly 6 weeks… it’s GAME OVER for your belly fat.

You ready to do this?

Barbell Complexes is what you need!

Dumbbell or Barbell complexes are used to replace long and boring cardio which will increase your muscle size, strength and incinerate fat… for your best body EVER.

Cardio and running can not do that.

What is a Barbell Complex?

Barbell Complex

According to Coach Dan John a barbell complex is:  “A complex is a series of lifts performed back to back where you finish the reps of one lift before moving on to the next lift. The bar only leaves your hands or touches the floor after all of the lifts are completed.”

The idea of a barbell complex is to perform particular exercises moving from one exercise to another WITHOUT putting the bar down.

See this dumbbell video example to get a better idea on how to perform the workout.

So for example, you could perform push presses for 10 reps, then front squats for 10 reps, then dead-lifts for 10, and finally back squats for 10 — for as many rounds in 20 minutes WITHOUT resting and putting the bar down.

Here’s 11 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Barbell Complexes for BIG Gains While TORCHING Fat:

Barbell Complexes

Reason #1

Barbell Complexes are a great way to maximize fat loss and retain muscle mass when cutting.

Reason #2

Barbell Complexes help you increase growth hormone which helps you mobilize stubborn body fat for fuel.

This is really important for “endomorphs” who have a tougher time losing fat.

Reason #3

Barbell Complexes deliver the best results when you focus on adding more weight, not performing them faster.

You see, focusing on speed can compromise technique.

Reason #4

Barbell Complexes help you avoid the boring cardio section of the gym and help you burn more fat per unit of time compared to slow-go cardio.

Reason #5

Barbell Complexes include a series of exercises performed in succession with a single barbell or set of dumbbells—without putting the weights down.

You perform as many rounds as you can in a fixed period of time, presenting you a challenge and bringing your workout to life!

Reason #6

Most people don’t know how to design effective Barbell Complexes that can build muscle and slash fat, which is why I designed this program.

Plus, I’ve seen many Barbell Complexes designed in a way that will get you injured so beware if a $10 investment is too steep for you…

Reason #7

These can even act as a fantastic workout to substitute for your main lift if you’re tight on time, traveling or with very limited equipment.

Crank out a 20-minute complex and you’re set for the day!

Reason #8

They are an awesome chance to work on technique.

Because my Barbell Complexes have you doing many of the core compound lifts, you’ll get extra practice improving your technique because you’re not using a ton of weight so you ego won’t interfere.

Reason #9

For banged up folks, this is an opportunity to do exercises you may otherwise skip.

You see, most weight training programs are going to ask you to work with heavier loads for the most part but a complex workout will help you do what you love doing without running into problems

Reason #10

They are a great way to test the size of your cajones. (Sorry ladies!) Barbell Complexes can be downright brutal and mental warfare once you get a few rounds in.

While I don’t promote “crushing yourself” every time you go the gym, no one has ever built a great body by avoiding The Hurt Box.

Reason #11

Test your limits. Sometimes you just have to SCREW the textbooks, ditch the script, and see what the heck you’re made of and Barbell Complexes are a great time to “cut loose” and venture into uncharted territory

The best part, adding 1 complex workout per week is plenty to keep you losing 1% of your body fat per week.

Anything faster, and you’ll likely just put it back on. Don’t believe the BS marketers who are telling you that you can “lose 3 lbs overnight with a overnight detox drink” LOL. Come on, maybe 3 lbs of water weight… but certainly not fat.

Once you get shredded the REAL way… go tell the world the truth on how to get a shredded body… the no-nonsense way.

Here’s an instructional VIDEO of a Barbell/Dumbbell complex I did at my gym and why you shouldn’t do cardio=>One Dumbbell Complex Workout To Torch Fat and Build Lean Muscle


Barbell/Dumbbell complexes release this super hormone responsible for shedding a lot of fat in a very short amount of time

The BEST part about it is you’ll only need to do them just one time a week maybe 2.

There so effective that many have reported that while they lost fat, they built muscle as well!

=> Here’s How to Destroy Stubborn Belly Fat, See Your Abs For The First Time WITHOUT Ever Stepping Foot On Another Cardio Machine AGAIN?

Plus:  The Shocking Reason Why Cardio Is One Of The WORST Forms Of Exercise Destroying Your Male Sex Drive, Hormones and Secretly Keeping You FAT!



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