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If you want to gain weight and keep making muscle gains you need to understand 3 important rules.  Miss just one of them and you’ll stay small and skinny.

Making muscle gains in the beginning is easy.  Most guys will see noticeable gains in the first six months especially if they have not been exposed to any kind of weight training.

If you know how to apply tension, you can completely DOUBLE your muscle gains, remodel ANY “weak” body-part, bust through any plateau, all while revealing your abs at the same time.

What do you do if you have suddenly stopped making muscle gains?  Below you will find 3 critical rules to continue building muscle.

Rule #1  Progressive Overload

muscle gains

When you walk into the gym and you lift the same weight week after week, you’ll never get bigger or stronger.

Muscle grows by progressively overloading it.  Muscle needs to be challenged and when it’s not, there’s no reason for you to continue making muscle gains.

There are several ways to progressively overload the muscle:

  • Increase the weight
  • Increase the sets with the same weight
  • Increase the reps with same weight
  • Shorter rest periods
  • Increase intensity

Rule #2  Increase Calories and Macros


muscle gains

Calories, Calories, Calories!

This is probably the BIGGEST mistake skinny guys make when trying to build muscle mass.

To figure out how many calories you need in order to put on muscle mass you need a formula that works specifically for you.

Below is the formula to packing on muscle mass, but if you want a free calculator to figure out for you; click the image below.

chest workout

The formula:

Figure out your maintenance calories by taking your body weight and multiply by 12 (this is if you are working out)

Example:  150 x 12 =1800

Take your 1800 calories and add 500 more to it which =2,300

This is the amount of calories you need everyday to put on muscle mass.

  • Protein will be 1 gram x your body weight
  • Carbohydrates will be 2 grams x body weight on upper body workout days and 0.5 grams on non training days
  • Carbohydrates will be 3 grams x body weight on lower body workout days and 0.5 grams on non training days
  • Fats make up the remainder of the calories on training and on non-training days

A good rate of gaining weight is between 0.5- 2lbs per week.  If you have not put on weight using this formula, simple add another 250-500 calories more.

Rule #3  Train Based On Muscle Fiber Type

Most men and women never stop to think about what muscle fiber type they are when training.

It could very well be possible that your workouts could be suffering if you’re training for a muscle fiber type that is not your own.

It makes sense that you want to get the most out of your workouts by training according to your muscle fiber type.

How do you figure out your muscle fiber type?

Take The Muscle Fiber Type Quiz Below:

Muscle Fiber Quiz

Here are some simple rules to follow when determining your muscle fiber type.

There are 3 main muscle fiber types:

Fast Twitch

  • Better at sprinting as opposed to long distance running
  • explosive power
  • Vertical jump higher than  23 inches
  • Less than 7 reps on 80% of your 1 rep max.
  • Longer rest periods between sets

Slow Twitch

  • Better at marathons or long distance running
  • Vertical jump under 17 inches
  • More than 7-9 reps on 80% of your 1 rep max
  • Shorter rest periods between sets


  • A combination of the 2 above (Fast and Slow Twitch)

What’s Next?

There is one program that is customized based on your muscle fiber type called, "Gene Expression Training"

It has 3 customized muscle building phases that are 6 weeks each totaling 18 weeks in all:

  1. CTTS (Constant Tension Timed Sets, Weeks 1-6)
  2. Cluster Sets (Builds Strength, Weeks 7-12)
  3. Omni Sets (Gets You Shredded Weeks 13-18)

All 3 of these phases can be better explained in more detail at the link below

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