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This is by far the number 1 keto trick for those who are just starting the keto diet or for those who have stopped losing weight and who don’t exercise.

By:  Instagram Influncer Tim Ernst Founder of Keto Kurves and F40 Fat Loss Formula

Regardless of whether you’ve recently started a keto diet plan or if you’ve been doing it for quite a while now, you’re absolutely gonna love this article because today I’m gonna reveal the number 1 keto trick to burn fat and flatten your belly than anything else you’ve tried WITHOUT exercise.

If you’ve already had some experience with keto, then you already know that in order to burn more fat for fuel the goal is to reach ketosis.

Reaching ketosis is a metabolic state in which your body begins to use fat for energy rather than the glucose from carbohydrates for energy.

Due to the fact that this diet is designed with a very low carbohydrate intake, you’re already setting yourself up for depleting your body of stored glucose.

However, there are definitely ways that you could do this FASTER and there are ways that allow you to burn more body fat and “FLATTEN” your belly on this diet plan.

The absolute fastest way to do this is with a “fat blast.”

Here’s a recent conversation I had with one of my past Intermittent Keto Fasting students who lost an AMAZING 11.4 pounds and 9 inches from around her waist after just 5 days!

I personally put this to the test and it works so good, I decided to put it in the first phase of my Intermittent Keto Fasting One-On-One Coaching Program.

Here’s a recent text I got from one of my students who completed my “Fat Blast” after 5 days.

Pretty AMAZING that she lost 15 pounds.

At the bottom of this article you’ll see more results that my students got after doing this 1 keto trick after 5 days.


Most of you already know that fasting involves a period of not eating followed by a period of time that you’re allowed to eat.

However, there’s another way that you could mimic the same effects of fasting by eating a very specific kind of food combined with a low amount of calories.

This concept is known as “A Fat Blast” and it’s a really great method for someone that’s just starting out with keto and wants to reach ketosis faster or you’ve totally stopped losing weight on keto.

It’s also really great for someone that’s recently knocked themselves out of ketosis due to having a cheat day or accidentally eating something that wasn’t supposed to really be on their diet plan to begin with.

Now I recommend not doing this for longer than 5 days because that’s all you really need to jump-start your fat loss even if you really messed up on a cheat day.

With this “Fat Blast” method, you would have somewhere between 1,000 to 1,200 calories a day at a very specific time of day.

Now you’re not only going to eat a low amount of calories but you’re also going to change your macro-nutrient split.

EDITORS NOTE: Knowing what and how much to eat for weight loss is critical towards your success.

If you’re not sure how to calculate your calories in order to burn fat on keto, Get Your Free Fat Burning Keto Calorie Calculator For Quick Weight Loss & Burn More Fat Than You Thought Possible In 30 Days=> Fat Burning Keto Calculator

Normally on a keto diet you’ll be having roughly 70 to 75% of your diet coming from fat, 5 to 10 percent of your diet coming from carbs and about 20 to 25% of your diet coming from protein.

However, with a “Fat Blast” you’re going to have 80 to 90 percent of all your daily calories coming from fat.

Most people would immediately assume that having such a high fat intake would naturally make you fatter, but it actually does the exact opposite.

This process forces your body to quickly adapt to using fat more efficiently for energy.

To hit such a high percentage of fat you have to be careful not to eat too much protein and obviously you’re avoiding almost all carbs.

What to Eat On A Fat Fast

A couple examples of what you could eat would be things like:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Butter
  • Fat bombs
  • Avocados
  • High-fat fish like mackerel, salmon or sardines
  • Added fat like olive oil and macadamia nuts

To make this method super simple some people simply eat a block of cream cheese throughout the day.

The reason is because the block of cream cheese is going to be right around a 1,000 calories and it’s also gonna have over 80% of those calories coming from fat.

Now I would not recommend this simply because there are healthier more nutrient-dense options out there other than just cream cheese all day long.

However, I want you to know that many people report that this is a very easy way to have a successful “Fat Blast.”

What Were My Results?

I only did the fat Blast for 5 whole days and I dropped over 8 pounds.

Check out this screenshot below from my Instagram Account…

Not sure if this will work for you?  Just check out these scale pics from some of my BEST students who lost up to 6-10 ponds in just their first 5 days.

The Intermittent Keto Fasting eating strategy that I currently do myself and teach my students have been a lifesaver.

Fast forward 7 months later and I’ve lost a total of 70 pounds since January of 2018 and I’m in better shape now as a parent in my 40’s than I was in my 20’s single

My results over the course of 7 months were so good that I wanted to share my techniques with the world who are sick and tired of being overweight.

People have told me that they just want to feel good again, fit back into their clothes that have been hanging in their closest for years, increase energy to keep up with their kids, feel and look more confident when out with family and friends, and most importantly…AVOID any future health risks later down the road.

What’s Next?

So…wouldn’t it be great if you had a “done-for-you” meal plan that showed you EXACTLY how to do a “Fat Blast” WITHOUT counting calories or macros?

If so, you can get my “done-for-you” 5 day meal plan that is guaranteed to help you lose 7 pounds in just 5 days..

Here’s how to get it…All you have to do is click the “Next Page” button below!intermittent fasting

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