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Where Does Belly Fat Go When You Lose It

Here’s The Shocking Reason That Losing Belly Fat Requires Unlocking This One Chemical Compound Stored Deep Within Your Fat Cells by Training In The Red Zone.

There’s been quite a misconception as to “how” belly fat is lost.

For quite a while, leading doctors believed that when we lose fat it turns into energy…

…The truth of the matter is, it’s NOT!

The good news is that we now KNOW how fat is lost…and it’s not what you think.

Even more astounding is this:  the TRUE cause is a fairly monumental discovery that goes back a long, long time.  It just has not come into the mainstream until recently.

It’s remained so hidden, that you’re never heard anything about it and if you or someone you love is suffering from being overweight…This could very well be the only answer.

The secret is a chemical compound found hidden deep inside your fat cells.

Research Conducted At UNSW Science in Sydney Calculated Exactly What Happens To Our Fat When We Lose It & Revealed That Doctor’s Leading Theories Are WRONG!

In a new study, scientists explain the fate of fat in a human body, and through precise calculations, debunk some common misconceptions. Fat doesn’t simply “turn into” energy or heat.

The researchers showed that during weight loss, 84 percent of the fat that is lost turns into carbon dioxide and leaves the body through the lungs, whereas the remaining 16 percent becomes water. [1]

What does this mean?   We “exhale” fat.

These results show that the lungs are the primary excretory organ for weight loss.

The researchers estimate that by substituting one hour of sedentary lounging with exercise in the Red Zone—to increase your respiratory rate—your metabolic rate is increased 7 times!

This basically means the more you exhale carbon dioxide the more fat you lose!

belly fatBefore you go outside and jog or do an hour of cardio to exhale more C02, I have to warn you not all exercises are created equal.

It’s become quite clear that focusing on slow endurance-type exercises, such as running on a treadmill, is both time-consuming, jack up a stress hormone in your body called cortisol, suppress your T3 hormone (thyroid), leptin levels responsible for managing your weight and actually keep you fat.

High doses of cortisol from long and stressful cardiovascular exercise will actually force your body to go into “protection mode” and make you store more fat around your waistline.

And it turns into the frustrating stubborn fat that’s almost impossible to lose as long as your cortisol are elevated.

Worse… it’s the type of fat that increases your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

belly fat

Red Zone Training™, offers the best of both worlds:

it’s quick and incredibly effective, offering maximized calorie burn, optimized fat burning and other benefits (like increased production of human growth hormone (HGH), also known as “the fitness hormone”).

Study #1

2 Canadian scientists divided 27 inactive, healthy, non-obese adults (13 men, 14 women, 18 to 32 years old) into two groups.

They subjected one group to a 20-week aerobic endurance zone training program of uninterrupted cycling 4 or 5 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes; the intensity level began at 60% of heart rate reserve and progressed to 85%.

(For a 30-year-old, this would mean starting at a heart rate of about 136 and progressing to roughly 170 bpm, which is more intense than usually prescribed for weight or fat loss.)

The other group did a 15-week program including mainly Red Zone Training™.

Much like the Aerobic Endurance Zone group, they began with 30-minute sessions of continuous exercise at 70% of maximum heart rate reserve (remember, they were not accustomed to exercise), but soon progressed to 10 to 15 bouts of short (15 seconds progressing to 30 seconds) or 4 to 5 long (60 seconds progressing to 90 seconds) intervals separated by recovery periods allowing heart rate to return to 120-130 beats per minute.

belly fatThe intensity of the short intervals was initially fixed at 60% of the maximal work output in 10 seconds, and that of the long bouts corresponded to 70% of the individual maximum work output in 90 seconds. Intensity on both was increased 5% every three weeks.

As you might expect, the total energy cost of the Aerobic Endurance Zone program was substantially greater than the Red Zone Training™ program.

The researchers calculated that the Aerobic Endurance Zone group burned more than twice as many calories while exercising than the Red Zone Training™ program.

But (surprise, surprise) skin-fold measurements showed that the Red Zone Training™ group lost more subcutaneous fat.

“Moreover,” reported the researchers, “when the difference in the total energy cost of the program was taken into account…, the subcutaneous fat loss was nine-fold greater in the Red Zone Training™ program than in the Aerobic Endurance Zone program.”

In short, the Red Zone Training™ group got 9 times more fat-loss benefit for every calorie burned exercising. [2]

Now for those of you that have been doing only slow, traditional cardio, switching over to Red Zone Training™ 2-3 times per week is going to be the fat loss equivalent of throwing a lit, gasoline soaked rag on a pile of dry kindling.

As you saw from Laval University study in 1994 compared Red Zone Training™ to Aerobic Endurance Zone training – straight up – over a 12 week training period.

Subjects that used Red Zone Training™ had better results. They lost more fat. You can’t argue with that.

And second, Red Zone Training™ causes a metabolic signaling that virtually “shrinks” your fat cells.

Due to the high-intensity nature of Red Zone Training™, there is more “signaling” applied to your fat cells. That means more carbon dioxide from fat cells being “exhaled” as you just discovered.

Now I know that sounds very technical, but all you need to understand is that when all this extra activity goes on at the cell level, the more fat you lose.

And when your body uses more energy, it means, in laymen’s terms, that you are burning more calories.


The Answer To Losing More Fat For Time Crunched Men and Women WITHOUT Using Hard Exercise Or Using a Single Piece Of Gym Equipment & Gimmicky Celebrity Starvation Diets Is To:

"Exhale" More Carbon Dioxide Within Fat Cells Using Red Zone Training™ and the best part about it is, you don't even have to leave your living room!

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[1]  R. Meerman, A. J. Brown. When somebody loses weight, where does the fat go? BMJ, 2014; 349 (dec16 13): g7257 DOI: 10.1136/bmj.g7257

[2] Impact of Exercise Intensity on Body Fatness and Skeletal Muscle Metabolism (

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