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Anyone can build a big chest, a thick and wide back, bulging arms, cannonball size delts and thick tree trunk like legs, but not everyone can build six pack abs. Here’s how to get those desired, shredded six pack abs using less reps with this circuit.

Building the ultimate physique that gets attention can not be achieved without sporting a set of shredded six pack abs.

It’s been said time and time again, “abs are made in the kitchen.”

Without the proper exercises that create max tension on your mid section, your abs will look flat and unimpressive.

Below are 5 ab exercises that create the most amount of tension WITHOUT doing to many reps for six pack abs.

NOTE:  This ab routine is a circuit where you will do the prescribed amount of reps and then move onto the next exercise with NO rest.

Once you complete one round, rest for 60 seconds and repeat 4 more times for a total of 5 rounds.

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Exercise #1  Hanging Knee Raises

six pack abs

Hanging knee raises is one of those ab exercises that doesn’t require a lot of reps.  The key to this exercise is to bring your knees all the way up towards your chest and contract your abs using a 2 second isometric contraction.

Sets  5

Reps  5-8

Rest   No rest.  Move on to exercise 2 (Dip Bar Knee Ups)

How to perform:  Perform 5-8 reps using max 2 second isolation contractions as you bring your knees towards your chest.  Grab the chin-up bar with an overhand grip and hang from the bar with your body straight.  Roll your hips up as you pull your knees up to your chest.  return to the starting position and repeat.

Exercise #2  Captain Chair Knee Raises

six pack abs

Captain’s chair knee raises are similar to hanging knee raises but are a little easier.  You have the option to use your own body-weight or hold a dumbbell between your feet.

Sets  5

Reps  10

Rest   No rest.  Move on to exercise 3 (Decline Bench Reverse Crunch)

How to perform:  Get on a dip bar machine and perform 10 reps using max 2 second isolation contractions as you bring your knees towards your stomach.

Exercise #3  Decline Bench Reverse “Rocky” Crunch

six pack abs

If you remember any of the “Rocky” movies then you’ll remember when Stallone performed these using a very slow negative on the way down.

Sets  5

Reps  10

Rest   No rest.  Move on to exercise 4 (V-Ups)

How to perform:  Get on a decline bench and hold your body by grabbing the back of the bench.  Keeping your knees slightly bent, bring your legs up towards your abdomen and thrust your hips up while your legs are straight in the air.  Come back down slowly using a 4 second negative.

Exercise #4  Alternating Bicycle Crunches

six pack abs

Alternating bicycle crunches are an old favorite and works the entire core while getting a good cardiovascular workout.

Sets  5

Reps  10

Rest   No rest.  Move on to exercise 5 (Mountain Climbers)

How to perform:  Lie flat on your back with your arms above your behind your head.  Raise your back partially off the floor and crunch while bringing your elbow to your opposite leg and touch your knee.

Exercise #5 30 Second Mountain Climbers

six pack abs

Mountain climbers is a great body-weight exercise that burns fat faster than traditional cardio equipment.  There are many body-weight exercises that are effective but mountain climbers do so many things I once.

To have a look at a great 8 minute body-weight circuit including mountain climbers – See more here=>8 Minute Full Body Weight Workout That Burns Fat Fast

Sets  5

Reps  30 seconds

Rest   60 Seconds

How to perform:  Get down in a push -up position and alternate your legs back and forth bringing your knees towards your chest for 30 seconds straight.



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