1 Advanced Method To Build Freaky Diamond Shaped Calves

Calves are one of the most stubborn body parts to build.  Are you doomed to having small calves forever?  Here’s 1 advanced method to build freaky cow calves.

If you think you are destined to have small calves due to genetic limitations, I want to show you a very advanced method that will force your calves to grow.

Dr. Jacob Wilson and his team have been experimenting with a technique called, “intraset stretching” which produce’s maximum tension and therefore building new muscle fibers.

chest workout

First we need to understand that muscle grows using the 3 mechanisms to hypertrophy.  For more detailed information on the 3 mechanisms to hypertrophy, >> click here <<

  1. Mechanical Tension (Lifting Heavy/Myofibrillar Hypertrophy)
  2. Metabolic Stress (Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy)
  3. Muscle Damage (DTRS, Super-Sets, Drop Sets, Intraset Stretching

Enter:  Intra-Set-Stretching

Intraset stretching takes advantage of 2 primary factors of hypertrophy (mentioned above).  It increases muscle damage (max tension) and increases cell swelling also known as the “pump.”

Combing these 2 factors leads to more growth!

Today’s article and video (presented by and Project Mass) will show you a very powerful way to optimize muscle growth for calves by doing seated leg press.  Get ready to experience a pain you may not be used to, but it’s well worth it!

Sets  3

Reps 8-12  (Intraset Stretching and Drop Set On All Sets)

Rest   90 Seconds

How to perform:  Perform 8-12 reps on seated leg press and on your last rep hold the weight in the stretch position for 30 seconds.  After 30 seconds drop the weight by 10-20% and perform another 8-12 reps.  On your last rep hold the weight in the stretch position once again for another 30 seconds.  Finally repeat one more time for a total of 3 drop and intraset stretching sets.


If you enjoyed this exercise demonstration, here are more 3 exercises where intraset stretching can be done in your next workout.

intraset stretching

Do you think your genetics stop you on how much muscle you can grow? Think again. Use intra-set stretching in your next workout for new muscle fiber growth.  “CLICK HERE” to get 3 more exercises

What’s Next?

Intraset stretching is a great tool for building muscle if you’ve plateaued..

Now that you know how to apply intraset stretching into your training, here’s a complete program that will immediately double your muscle gains, remodel ANY “weak” body-part, smash EVERY plateau, all while revealing your abs at the SAME time…

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