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 When you train HARD with all-out intensity, eat right, and get a chance to perform a BREAKTHROUGH training protocol, extraordinary muscle growth can happen.

by:  Tim Ernst – Del Monte Pro Team

That’s exactly what occurred to a group of ordinary people in a clinical study using these 3 advanced training methods.

Now keep in mind that everyone’s potential is different, and because of that, your results will only be as good as the effort that you put into your own training program.

This is not theory.

Several researchers in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning showed that several bodybuilding training methods appear to promote muscle growth because they incite one or all of the factors that activate hypertrophy in muscle.

If you’ve spent enough time in the gym these days, you’ve probably heard guys talking about their “bro science” approach to building muscle.

I’m all about going out there and trying new things, but the fact of the matter is science has done a pretty good job researching into the development of the human physique.

If you’re not using all 3 of these methods, you could be leaving a ton of muscle gains on the gym floor.  Just missing one of them can stop you from growing.

These methods are not “bro science” or theory.  2 of these research studies can be found in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning papers by Goto, K., Nagasawa, M., Yanagisawa, O., Kizuka, T., Ishii, N., & Takamatsu, K. (2004) and Robbins, D. W. (2010), the other study can be found in the European Journal of Applied Physiology.

Here are the three methods these scientists have identified as optimal for muscle growth – Eccentric, Drop Sets, and Super-sets applying Agonist/Antagonist Training

Most guys probably apply these training methods into their workout, but they’re probably not strategic about and don’t have a specific training strategy to get the results their after.

Why do you think most guys look the same year after year?

Applying these methods in the wrong way can actually have the opposite effect on your body and possibly injure yourself keeping you out of the gym for months.

You have to apply these methods with a STRATEGY and a PLAN if you want to see muscle gains.

You’re in luck because this article is going to explain how these 3 methods can be used in your workouts so you’ll be confident that you didn’t waste time in the gym.

The 3 Scientifically Proven Methods Below Reveal How You Can Gain Size, Strength and Torch Body Fat All In The Same Workout.

Method # 1

Eccentric Training/Negatives

928_2A significant amount of research has shown that eccentric training methods produce greater gains in lean muscle mass as opposed to isometric contractions.

One researcher discovered that eccentric training produced maximal muscle hypertrophy in response to resistance exercise.

The result in performing eccentrics had a greater increase and impact on protein synthesis, IGF-1 mRNA expression when compared to other types of contractions.

Several explanations can account for the superiority of eccentric training.

a.  Greater Muscle Damage

b.  Myofibrillar Remodeling (Myofibrillar Hypertrophy builds muscle strength)

The best way to do eccentric training in your workouts is to increase the amount of time in your current tempo cadence.

For example, when doing weighted pull-ups use a 6 second negative on the way down.

This will create a very high hypertrophy response creating the most muscle damage to your back/biceps.

Eccentric training can be found using “The 180 Muscle Method

Method # 2

Drop Sets


There have been some increasing amounts of evidence that drop sets can enhance the body’s anabolic environment following a resistance exercise program.

Results showed a significant increase in GH levels  when the inclusion of a low intensity set (50% of 1RM) right after following a high intensity set.

The addition of a drop set also showed an increase in muscle CSA as opposed to a strength training program alone.

Drop sets produce a high level of lactic acid in the muscle which in turn produces EE (Energy Expenditure) or fat loss.

Performing a drop set is fairly easy.

For example: 

On your last set of any particular exercise, start off by doing 8 repetitions.  Immediately after your 8 reps, decrease the weight by 10-20% and do as many reps as possible.

Follow this up doing  2 more drops for a total of 3 drop sets within that one working set.  Remember, there is no rest in between drop sets.

Method # 3

Super-Sets For Agonist/Antagonist Training

Antagonist-Muscle-Are-The-Important-Body-Muscle-1Super-sets have long been employed in bodybuilding routines.

It is conceivable that the reduced rest between sets increases muscular fatigue and metabolic stress, which may enhance hypertrophy.

A recent study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that performing paired sets—commonly called supersets—actually produces greater strength gains than traditional sets.

In the study, the paired set involved two exercises that alternately activated an agonist muscle (the primary one involved in an exercise) and the antagonist muscle (the one that works opposite the agonist when returning to the start position)

chart.001Study researchers had subjects perform a Barbell Row variation and the Bench Press in super-set fashion, with a two-minute rest between them.

They found that super-setting opposing muscle groups promotes faster recovery, allowing an athlete to perform subsequent sets with more reps or heavier weight for an elevated challenge.

Also,  when you super-set two exercises that engage opposing muscles, you are also activating other muscle groups in your body more than with traditional sets that work the same muscle groups.

chart 2.001


The results clearly show (increase in strength and reps) that training in a super-set fashion working agonist/antagonist muscle groups were far more superior than doing traditional type sets.

In your next workout, super-set your chest/back, bicep/tricep, quads/hams together like in this video below using the 180 Muscle Method:

"Tim, What do I do next?"

Follow my 180 Muscle Method Program designed to build Strength, Size and Burn Belly Fat all in the same workout.  The 180 Muscle Method Uses these 3 scientifically proven training methods to build “jaw dropping”  body transformations as seen in my before and after pics.

Look you could start using these methods right now into your training, but you have to be strategic about it.  I’ve put them in a systematic way where you’ll get optimal muscle gains spending only 180 minutes a week.

So, if you’re ready to transform your body by using these proven and tested methods that will destroy plateaus, build size, strength and torch belly fat while spending only 180 minutes a week in the gym…then click the next page button below:


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