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3 Secrets you must know about to Build BIGGER Biceps.

EZ-Bar Curl

  • Specialization Training
  • TUT or Time Under Tension
  • Train Those Triceps

Secret #1 :  Specialization Training

1.  Specialization.  I’m sure you heard of specialization training before.  There are times when you want to bring up a weak and lagging body part and to do this will require you to work that particular muscle more often for a short period of time, generally 3-4 weeks.

Some people might say that working the same muscle 2-3 times in a week is considered over-training.  Get this out of your head!

Most of the time people will never reach a state of over-training, most people under train.  There are so many muscle magazines that will have split training routines in them.  While this approach will help you to gain weight and build muscle, it is not optimal and I’m willing to bet that you want optimal results.

MechanicWhy you can train arms more frequently.  Smaller muscle groups can be trained more often because they recover quicker.  How do I know this.  Here is an example.  Have you ever noticed a mechanics forearms?  Most of the time they have great muscle development due to working on cars day in and day out.  If there was such a thing as overtraining then mechanics would have poor forearm muscles.red_arrow_left


Protein Synthesis

methods-dna-extraction-800x800Protein Synthesis explained.  After a workout protein synthesis is elevated for up to 36 hours.  After 36 hours protein synthesis returns to normal levels.  Protein synthesis is responsable for building muscle.  There are ways to keep protein synthesis elevated all the time for optimal muscle growth.

a.  One way is to take steroids, which I do not suggest here.  The reason why guys on steroids get so big is because their recovery rate is very fast and they can get back in the gym to train the same muscle within 48 hours or less.

b.  The second option is to work that same muscle without the use of steroids within 36 hours.  Smaller muscle groups are nearly fully recovered at this 36 hour point meaning you can start training them again before protein synthesis starts to plummet.  You’ll be able to walk around with a feeling of fullness when working smaller muscle groups 2-3 times a week.

Secret #2:  Time Under Tension

time under tension

2.  TUT (time under tension).  Time under tension is one major key component when trying to build muscle.  Time under tension is just a fancy way of saying how long you put a particular muscle under stress.  An example would be to use a 2-0-3 tempo.  For a dumbbell curl this simply means you would take 2 seconds to raise the weight with a 0 second pause at the top and then slowly lower the weight back down for 3 seconds.  All together you put that bicep under 5 seconds of tension in just one rep.  just imagine doing 15 reps with 5 seconds of tension for each rep.  That would be a total time of 60 seconds of tension in one bicep curl set.  Performing at this rate will require you to leave your ego at the door, meaning drop the weight!

Secret #3:  Train Those Triceps!


3.  Train those triceps.  The triceps muscle makes up two thirds of the upper arm. The triceps muscle is made up of three parts a long head which originates at the scapula, a lateral head which originates at the back of the arm (humerus) and the short head which originates on the humerus a bit lower than the lateral head.  training the triceps is most important when trying to build bigger arms.

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