What to expect when you start your workout routine again

If you’re getting back into a workout routine after a long break, here are two tips to ease back into it without injuring yourself.

It can be a mental challenge getting back into the gym after a long break but, don’t beat yourself up to bad because getting back into it is the first step towards victory.

10 days ago I had to QUIT the gym because I got to a point where I had to.


Today I’m BACK!

The past 10 days I was battling a NASTY cold right after Christmas.

I even missed New Years Eve.  No staying up till 12 to watch the ball drop 🙁

This is one of the reasons why I have not been able to upload any videos to my YouTube channel.

So as you may know, when you take a break from working out for any length of time it’s almost like starting over again.


What’s obvious to most but not all is that when you’re sick your diet is not the same, your immune system takes a dive, and you’re simply weaker.

My diet basically consisted of chicken soup and crackers.

I even lost some weight but, that’s OK because after gaining 40 pounds the past 7 months I’m starting my cutting phase.

Right now I’m at a SOLID 230 pounds and my goal is 210 SHREDDED!

I’m making this my goal for this year and want to achieve it by March.

Why March?

In March I will be turning 40 years old.

Yeah I know hard to believe.


My bench went down a whopping 30 pounds and any arm workout I did was down about 10.

So how are you supposed to workout after taking a break?

Very easily and carefully.

I basically picked up where I left off but I did 2 important things:

1.  I didn’t lift heavy
2.  I didn’t do any drop sets, burn outs, or DRTS finishers

Not lifting Heavy


If you are getting back into your routine don’t expect to hit any personal records.  The more time you take off the more your strength will decrease and that’s o.k., it’s normal.  The good news is your strength doesn’t  go down that much when you take a short break but, if you have not been in the gym for a while you’ll want to keep it light to avoid any injuries or another long set-back keeping you out of the gym again.

Just say NO to Drop Sets

workoutGetting back into the gym is not a time where you go “balls to the walls.”  You have to ease back into it because if you don’t, you could lead your body to injury.  I know it’s hard to do because after years of training and getting that edge to go back in, we tend to tell ourselves that we are going to hit it hard.

I love doing drops sets, burnouts and DRTS sets but, implementing these workout finishers to soon can lead to unwanted injury and you’ll have to take another long break, NOT GOOD!

The good news is if you have any training background at all, it will not take you very long to get back in the swing of things.  I’ll be lifting heavy and implementing DRTS sets very soon at the end of my workouts.  They are a great tool to build muscle and get SHREDDED at the same time fast, especially after taking a long break.

Not sure what DRTS set are?

Here is a brief overview below:

DRTS Finishers Is A Metabolic Intensifier Performed At The End Of Each Workout By Working Opposing and Secondary Muscle Groups for Maximal Body Re-composition.

At the end of each workout you’ll perform a very dynamic finisher on your secondary muscle groups in opposing fashion.

For example:  At the very end of your chest and back day you’ll perform a DRTS finisher with biceps and trieps.   Two days from then you’ll do the complete opposite (a 180). This means at the end of your normal bicep/tricep day you’ll do a chest and back DRTS finisher.

This is how you’ll be able to hit each muscle group twice a week for maximal muscle growth and you’ll do it all in just 4-45 minute training days which equals only 3 hours or 180 minutes a week.  That’s it, your complete training for the week will only be 180 minutes!

You’ll perform exactly 180 reps on your opposing muscle groups.  Don’t worry these reps are not performed all at once.  One muscle group will be performed at 90 reps and the second one is 90 reps equaling, 180 reps.

Triple or Tri-Sets
TRIPLE or Tri sets are performed at different angles so that every part of the muscle is worked leaving no stone un-turned.

18 “Sets” in all will be performed at the end of your workout when using DRTS finishers creating the perfect environment for muscle growth to occur.

So There you have it.  I’ll be doing these real soon when I get my strength back.

Just to show you how effective they are here is a testimonial from one of my clients who just reached his goal of 230 pounds below without the FAT.

“Since working with Tim and following the 180 Muscle Method, not only has my strength gone through the roof, but I have also managed to gain 5 lbs of muscle thus far without any fat gain or water retention. This workout program will kick your ass if you follow it properly. Like anything else, you have to stick to the plan if you want the results you’re after. The best part is the one on one coaching with Tim. Every question I’ve had, has been responded to in a timely manner and my nutrition is adjusted to meet my goals each week. This investment is a drop in the bucket compared to most programs anyone else in the fitness industry has to offer. Invest in yourself, the results start when you do!”


I love getting emails like these it’s what makes me get up in the morning.
If these are the kind of results you want to experience this year then I would take FULL advantage of the same workout system that me and many others like Brandon are currently doing.

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