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There’s one VERY important thing you should know about mainstream nutrition advice.  There is a LOT of misinformation and LIES being spread around.

By: Shaun Hadsall

Of course, most personal trainers, dieticians, and doctors who push these nutrition lies on people, aren’t really doing it on purpose.

They just don’t know any better. But fear not! I’m here to help you clear up any confusion you may have by using real science and published research.

Here they are:

The TOP 7 BIGGEST Food LIES of Mainstream Nutrition

Nutrition Lie #1:  Saturated Fats Are Dangerous and CAUSE Heart Attacks

The truth is: saturated fat is NOT unhealthy or fattening.

And saturated fat does NOT cause heart disease, like you’ve probably been told over and over again.

The facts and numbers don’t lie:

  • A meta-analysis published in 2011 that pooled data from 21 studies and included nearly 348,000 adults, found NO difference in the risks of heart disease and stroke between people with the lowest and highest intakes of saturated fat [1].
  • The Tokealau, Masai and Inuit tribes all consume a diet of 50% or more saturated fat and report superior cardiovascular health [2].
  • Breast milk contains 50% saturated fat. Do you really think this perfect food clogs newborns’ arteries?

Countless studies now prove saturated fats have NOTHING to do with heart disease and sickness [3,4].

Refined oils, trans fats, processed foods and sugar DO – just to name a few.

Lie #2: Carbs Are Evil and Will Make You Sick and Fat

While it’s 100% accurate that excess consumption of processed carbs and sugar will make you fat and sick, carbs are NOT necessarily the enemy…

Especially if you exercise.

Increased consumption of the RIGHT carbs (like you’ll find inside our proprietary carb cycling plan The 4 Cycle Solution), at the RIGHT times (after exercise is best), can INCREASE metabolic rate, improve conversion of T4 to T3 (thyroid hormones), increased leptin (your #1 fat burning hormone) and insulin sensitivity.

All while improving your testosterone to estrogen ratio.

Carbs have TONS of fat burning and health benefits. You just have to be “smart” about your carbohydrate intake by using strategies like Carb Cycling.

Nutrition Lie #3:  Egg Yolks Are BAD For You

Believe it or not, the yolk is the healthiest part of an egg.

Throwing out the yolk and just eating mostly egg whites makes sense if you’re trying to limit fat intake, or reduce calories… but do NOT be afraid of eating egg yolks from farm fresh or cage-free eggs.

They’re the most nutrient dense, antioxidant-rich, vitamin and mineral loaded portion of the egg.

Yolks contain B-vitamins, trace minerals, folate, choline, lutein, EVERY one of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K…. as well as ALL of the essential fatty acids (EFAs).

And if you’re concerned about the cholesterol, don’t be. It has recently been PROVEN that the cholesterol in the diet doesn’t really raise the cholesterol in blood.

In fact, whole eggs have been shown to raise the GOOD cholesterol and therefore, they are NOT associated with increased risk of heart disease [5,6].

Whole eggs are one of the healthiest foods on the planet; just make sure you cook them in healthy oil, like coconut.

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Nutrition Lie #4: Soy Based Plant Foods Are Healthier Than Animal Proteins

Over 81% of Americans have been convinced and deceived into believing that soybean oil and other soy products like soy milk, soy patties and tofu can help you burn more belly fat.

In reality soy foods could be making your fatter and sicker every time you eat it.

New studies from independent sources now reveal that soy products age you faster, increase your belly fat and disrupt your hormones.

There are three dangers of soy foods:

  1. “Hidden” toxins that screw up your hormones (natural toxins, phytates, enzyme inhibitors, goitrogens, phytoestrogens, just to name a few).
  2. 93% of soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified by the food giant Monsanto. Genetic modification that can destroy your immune system and gut health… and has been shown to cause tumors in mice and rats.
  3. Chemical processing that can harm your body and age you FASTER.

Soybean oil, soy protein and other popular forms that are touted as “healthy” are all heavily processed, which makes them HIGHLY inflammatory and presents ALL kinds of health problems.

Not to mention the FDA doesn’t bother setting a maximum level for the toxins found in soy.

It’s a crapshoot every time you eat this so-called “healthy” plant food and research clearly indicates animal proteins are MUCH healthier for our bodies than soy.

Nutrition Lie #5:  Salt is “Unhealthy” and Causes High Blood Pressure

Here’s the REAL TRUTH about salt: the fear of salt went mainstream in the 1960s when Lewis Dahl revealed his study results supposedly “proved” that salt causes hypertension.

He forced them to eat the human equivalent of 500 grams of sodium a day, which caused the rats high blood pressure.

But who REALLY consumes 500 grams of sodium a day? Nobody.

The average daily sodium intake for Americans age 2 years and older is 3,436 mg, (9) which is 145 times LOWER than the amount this study used.

Here we are more than 40 years later… after the CDC, FDA and all the other clueless organizations started demonizing salt, not ONE single study has ever proven that salt causes hypertension – because it doesn’t.

The irony? Research shows avoiding salt can actually lead to insulin resistance [7] and increased risks of stroke and heart attacks [8].

Nutrition Lie #6:  Grains and Whole Wheat Diet Foods are Healthy

Despite its “healthy reputation”, the glycemic index of whole wheat is the HIGHEST of nearly ALL foods, which means it becomes a fat storing DISASTER every time you eat over-the-counter whole wheat.

In fact, just two slices of whole wheat bread has been shown to spike your insulin (fat storing hormone) MORE than table sugar. Yikes.

This means whole grains are WORSE for your belly fat than soda or candy.

Not to mention, whole wheat and grains contain inflammatory gluten and phytic acid, which BLOCKS essential minerals in the intestine from being absorbed [9].

Make sure you eat REAL food like potatoes, squash, yams, along with organic fruits and vegetables INSTEAD of whole wheat or grains.

Nutrition Lie #7:  Too Much Protein is Bad for Your Kidneys.

Eating a lot of protein is NOT bad for your kidneys (or your bone health).

Research doesn’t show any association of high protein intake with kidney disease in healthy adults [10,11].

In fact, the exact opposite holds true:

The 2 primary risk factors for kidney failure are diabetes and high blood pressure.

Eating a high protein diet improves both [12,13].

Adequate protein intake also helps you control your appetite and cravings, assist in growth and repair of lean muscle, and organ development.

Bottom Line: Higher protein intake is NOT associated with poor metabolic or kidney health.

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