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Ready to lose your belly fat and get rid of your love handles once and for all? Here are 5 simple ways (that no one is teaching) to lose your belly fat.

By:  Instagram Influncer Tim Ernst Founder of Keto Kurves and F40 Fat Loss Formula

Before you even think about trying to lose belly fat the very first thing you have to do is to focus on rebuilding your metabolism.

Fat loss is not just a math thing, it’s not a knowledge thing, it’s a behavior thing, a physiological thing.

This is stuff that no one is talking about.

Here’s the truth. The fitness industry is obsessed with the before and after photo, but what about the after, after photo?

Sure anyone can lose weight once and take a before and after photo, but what about long term, the after, after photo?

Their are fitness guys and gals you can get down to 4–5% body-fat when they compete, but then a week later they gained 20 pounds!

Why is this?

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Those people primed their body (or metabolism) to go into fat storing mode. When you diet down to the extreme you end up down regulating your metabolism and in turn your body becomes a fat producing factory.

When these people gain all the weight back and want to lose it again they have to diet and train even harder than the previous time.

This is insanity!

They essentially have to do more cardio, eat less calories to get in the previous condition as they were before.

Your body is not a math equation. I know I’ve said to cut calories by 500 in the past but those are for people just starting out and need a starting point.

Your body is designed to protect itself.  It doe not understand the difference between dieting and starvation.

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Below is how to lose fat and stay lean all year round WITHOUT deprivation diets.

Rebuild a healthy and supportive metabolism

Doing this will allow you to go out and have a cheat meal at your favorite restaurant and have a metabolism to clear those calories away.

When you have a healthy metabolism and be able to eat excess calories your metabolism will be able to wipe those calories away WITHOUT storing fat.

If your metabolism is slow when you eat those excess calories, it’ll set you back.

Get Rid Of Deadlines

When it comes to rebuilding your metabolism you have to get rid of deadlines.

You have to start working with your body. You can’t force fat off your body, you have to coaxed it off so you’ll maintain a lean physique.

When you try to force the fat off your body, the body reacts. When you try to coax the fat off your body, the body responds.

When you try to force the fat off with starvation diets and excessive cardio you end up damaging your metabolism, cortisol elevates, testosterone goes down, hormones go out of wack, cravings go crazy, then you start to binge eat and then you accuse yourself with not having enough willpower.

It’s not about your willpower.

Provide Your Workouts with Fuel

You need calories to train hard. What kind of fuel and calories? Carbohydrates.

Your body needs glucose to fuel your workouts.

If you don’t have carbs in your body it’s like driving your car on empty.

How many carbs do you really need? Enough to get you a great pump in the gym.

==> 3 Tricks to eat LOTS of carbs and NEVER store them as fat

Forget the NO2 products for a PUMP, use carbs for that! Another great way to tell if you are getting enough carbs is to see how well you perform in the gym from the previous workout.

If you do worse than your previous workout you maybe lacking the necessary fuel your body needs.

Be In A Slight Caloric Deficit

Big caloric deficit’s only work for about 2–3 weeks tops.

When you drop your calories to low your body will go into fat storing mode rather than fat burning mode.

An example of a slight deficit would be around 250–300 calories. A severe one would be 300–900 calories.

EDITORS NOTE: Knowing what and how much to eat for weight loss is critical towards your success.

If you’re not sure how to calculate your calories in order to burn fat, Get Your Free Fat Burning Calorie Calculator For Quick Weight Loss & Burn More Fat Than You Thought Possible In 30 Days=> Fat Burning Calculator

This is why people get frustrated when they stop losing weight.

They dropped their calories to low and their metabolism down regulates, hormones get out of control among other things.

What you need is a diet strategy not a so called “diet.”

Distinguish Between 2 States of Hunger

There is tolerable hunger and intolerable hunger.

Which one do you think is better? Tolerable hunger.

Every species on the planet experiences tolerable hunger.

Hunger is a good thing. Hunger simply means your body is surrendering fat.

When you are hungry you are burning fat.

What’s bad is intolerable hunger.

Intolerable hunger is when you are starving and instead of reaching for something healthy you’re grabbing unhealthy foods such as chips, cookies, sugar, salt, fat and other processed foods.

Intolerable hunger is the enemy.

What’s Next?

The state of your hormones and metabolism will influence how calories in and calories out works.

Want to REBUILD a healthy and supportive metabolism? It starts with what your eating and diet.

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