Increase Your Strength on Barbell Back Squats

Squats, the KING to Building bigger legs.  There is no other exercise that develops legs like the barbell back squat.

Most avid gym goers will do a lot of reps using lighter weight with short rest periods or they do the typical 5×5 using very heavy weight with long rest periods.

To achieve bigger legs on your back squats, you have to do a lot of reps using heavy weight with shorter rest periods.

How do we do this?

Well in today’s video I want to show you how you can have an effective workout with back squats using heavy weight, a lot of reps, with shorter rest periods to building bigger, stronger and thicker legs in no time flat.

Here’s the workout

Barbell back Squat

4 Sets (4+4+4+4) Rest for 15 sec between each mini set

Rest 2 Minutes after every round.

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