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Men love breasts –  as long as he’s the one not sporting them.  Here are 3 strategic tips to shedding those embarrassing and unwanted man boobs.

Tip #1  Diet

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It’s no secret that diet is going to play a major roll in your quest to losing those man boobs.

Your body responds and acts differently from everybody else.  You may have a hormonal problem from the foods you eat where you’re producing more estrogen than normal while testosterone levels decline.

Certain foods can wreck havoc on your hormones so it’s best to stay away from pre-packaged and processed foods.

One rule of thumb is to shop the perimeter of the store staying away from the isles.

So anything that is pre-packaged, boxed and sometimes caned items can be responsible for creating an imbalance of hormones.



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Another thing to note, soy products are a well marketed food but if consumed in excess has the likelihood of increasing estrogen.

Drinking water from plastic bottles are known to increase estrogen levels among other plastics that we come into contact with everyday.

Stick to “one ingredient” whole foods that are naturally grown.  One ingredient food meaning, “what’s in an apple?” an APPPLE.

Some well known bodybuilding supplements used to enhance performance have been known to decrease estrogen levels.

You can read more about that in this article by clicking here.

Tip #2  Easy Exercise (Body Weight Circuits)

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Body weight workouts have so many benefits for overall health in general.

Many of them require you to do the “king” of all body weight exercises,  push-ups.

As you know, man boobs are nothing more than chest fat (with the exception of gyno) and to get rid of that fat body weight circuits work the BEST.

Several studies in this article showed that body weight circuits produced 9 times more fat loss than traditional steady state cardio.

The other HUGE benefit to doing body weight circuits as you only new 8-10 minutes a day and can do them right in the comfort of your own home.

This is GREAT news for guys who feel a little embarrassed or self conscious about their weight and want to avoid the crowds.

If you are looking for a body weight program, here are 14 different circuits you can try for those 35 years old or over who don’t have a lot of time and will only take you 8-10 minutes a week.

Tip #3  Resistance Training (Weight Training)

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If you want to go all out and hit the gym, resistance training is going to do wonders for your chest.

If you know how to apply the right amount of tension, you can completely DOUBLE your muscle gains, remodel ANY “weak” body-part, bust through any plateau, all while revealing your abs at the same time

One mistake guys make is that they avoid doing direct work on their chest thinking that their pecs will enlarge.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Doing direct work on your pecs is going to give you an advantage to losing that fat resulting in a gladiator looking chest.

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Applying ALL of these tips overtime will reduce the amount of fat on your chest and you'll be able to walk in confidence when you hit the beach this summer not sporting a set of man boobs.

On the following page you'll discover  the #1 way to BOOST  your Testosterone so you can melt stubborn chest fat, fight E.D., and become the MAN you deserve to be.

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