Lose 15-20 lbs of Fat In 30 Days Guaranteed

Lose Weight By The Summer with TurnAroundFitness 30 Day Coaching Group


Lose 15-20 lbs of Fat In 30 Days With The 30 Day Fat Loss Coaching Program

Now is your chance to finally lose that stubborn body fat.  Group coaching is run through a private Facebook group. Workouts and nutrition are delivered weekly in the group. We will track your progress and log your results there.  This way, you can access it on your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Together, you get great results with everyone else in the group. Heck, you may even make some new friends.  Everyone is there for the same reason, so this will be super motivating.

What's Included With Group Coaching:

  • Workouts and Nutrition Delivered Weekly

    At the start of each week, you will be able to download the new group coaching workout (for 3 days per week, 4 days per week, or 5 days per week) and nutrition in the Facebook group.

  • Weekly Checkins

    Each week you will post your progress photos and current weight in the group.  This will keep you accountable and motivate you to stay on the program.

  • Unlimited Support

    Have a question?  Ask it in the group and you’ll get it answered. The goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Here's How You'll Benefit From The Group:

  • Lose 15-20 Pounds

    This is an aggressive fat loss program.  If you follow the program as written, you will lose at least 15-20lbs.

  • Stay Motivated with Support and Get Results

    Everyone in the group is there for the same reason: to get cut. Because of this, you will be super motivated to complete the program, and this will allow you to get great results.

  • Build a Lean Body You Can Be Proud Of

    This program is a great way to lose fat, but it’s highly possible that you will build some muscle in the process.  This way, you’re happy with the way you look, and you’ll feel confident and strong.

How The Group Coaching Program Works

  • 1

    24-48hrs After Signing Up...

    You will be invited to the private Facebook coaching group. We'll make it easy for you and introduce you to the group. We'll break the ice so that it's comfortable for you.

  • 2


    The program officially starts on a Monday. This is when we'll do our initial measurements including weight, and "before" photos. You'll also get your first workout and nutrition instructions for the week.

  • 3

    Check-in Every Monday

    Each Monday there will be a Facebook thread posted asking you 2-4 easy questions about how you did on the program. You'll post your answers there. I know that building muscle can be tough, and this will keep you accountable and motivated on the program.

  • 4

    New Workout Every Monday

    Each Monday you'll find the new workout program for the week (for either 3 times per week, 4 times per week, or 5 times per week), as well as a calculator to calculate your macros for the week. This is an aggressive fat loss program, so you will be expected to track your macros (calories, protein, fat, carbs) daily. We will be using flexible dieting, so you can eat all your favorite foods as long as you're hitting your macros (we'll teach you how to do this).

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    You will have support 24/7. If you ever have a question, ask it in the group and it'll get answered.

Tim is very knowledgeable and takes out all the guess work for you which is appreciative for a busy person like myself. He explains very thoroughly so anyone could understand it. Thanks Tim!


The results with the fat lose after 40 were great. After 2 weeks of trying the information you provided I started my weight loss again, let me explain.

Back in May of this year I started on a weight loss program, your typical diet just eat below your calorie count. I started this weighing 220 lbs. and I dropped down to 185 lbs. just doing that with weight training.

Then around August my weight loss was at a stand still and could not lose anymore weight for about a month. Then I came across your program and in 2 weeks of using the information you provided I started to lose more weight, I am at 183 lbs. losing 2 lbs. and continue to lose weight.

My problem spot is belly fat and now I am seeing the belly fat going down there as well.. With this program I am seeing results and will change the rating. I am glad I purchased your course and recommend it to anyone that wants to lose weight.

I want to thank you for your help...

Henry Sanchez

Finally... someone who shares my beliefs regarding exercise for the 'more mature body' 🙂 Love it! Presentation is very smooth and packed with information. Looking forward to many years of great health, exercise, friendship, and eating!!

Janis Musgrove

Compact, comprehensive, and clear. Videos crisp. Instructor knowledgeable and engaging. Handouts provide worksheets and info on dieting. Instructor models exercise's proper form (beginners may need further info on form). After just one week of routines, results are immediate and noticeable!


This is the best training for building muscle and fat loss for the two reasons:

  1. Clear and straight forward training routines and schedule. Easy to follow and not much theoretical/scientific talk.

  2. It met my requirements and needs to strengthen my body, especially the arms and core. I was doing power-lifting and i was going to start weightlifting for cross fit. I reached plateau in my power-lifting. I searched many courses and definitely the routines and schedule to meet my needs.