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“It’s true. All of it.” – Han Solo, in The Force Awakens

Sorry, I just love that line from the movie.

Losing over 5% body-fat in 40 days is going to be very challenging but NOT impossible.

Now speaking of truth, there’s one frequently “overlooked” fat-burning hormone that doesn’t require ANY dietary changes for you to optimize it.

In fact, this ONE hormone…

  • Can help you lose 18 pounds in 15 weeks WITHOUT changing your diet
  • Lose a significant amount of body-fat percentage
  • Naturally curb your cravings so you lose fat even easier and faster while avoiding those nagging hunger “pangs”
  • Tightens excess skin
  • Improves your insulin sensitivity so you can enjoy MORE carbs and still lose unwanted fat

Oddly enough, you can flood your body with this fat-burning hormone in less than 3 seconds at Disney World.

Say what?

So what’s the hormone?

It’s called “Adrenaline” and unlike other hormones, it exists in 18-year olds and it even exists in 99-year olds.

You don’t have to eat certain foods to get it.

You don’t have to pound your joints or do a long, grueling workout to release it, either.

When You Harness the Power of Adrenaline, You Could Lose Up to 18 Pounds in 15 Weeks WITHOUT Changing Your Diet [1]


belly fat

A study at the University of New South Wales separated two groups of obese women.

Group 1 flooded their body with adrenaline 3 times a week.

Group 2 performed 40 minutes of traditional exercise 3 times a week. In fact, this group exercised TWICE as long as group 1.

Also, note that NO changes were made to their diet.

Now remember, these women were obese, so I’m sure you would agree that their diet couldn’t be good at all.

So with such a bad diet, we shouldn’t expect any results with EITHER group.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying… “You can’t out-train a bad diet.”

In fact, one subject quoted, “My diet was pretty bad with lots of sweets, lots of junk food.”

And yet by the end of this study, adrenaline helped Louise burn 18 pounds in just 15 weeks…

WITHOUT changing her diet.

What about the rest of them? Well…

Almost every diet out there relies on ketosis for fat loss! So...

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Despite continuing with their bad diets, Group A, the group that used adrenaline (without a pill, potion, or diet trick) lost a significant amount of belly fat, leg fat, and butt fat.

Group 2 didn’t lose fat at all. In fact, one subject GAINED 2.2 pounds!

The reason why group 1 lost 3 times more fat than the other women was because adrenaline produces high levels of chemical compounds called catecholamines, which allow more fat to be burned from under the skin and within the exercising muscles.

You see, one of the functions of adrenaline is to break down fat and burn it off.

Yet, it’s even more powerful than that…

… Nothing is more frustrating than being constantly hungry.

And to top it off, you try to diet; yet cravings come out of nowhere.

Carbs, sweets, fatty foods, and more invade your thoughts as you desperately drain your willpower.

Suddenly, you cave into them and your taste buds are satisfied.

However, guilt overcomes you and then it’s time to “get back on the wagon” yet again.

Well, there’s good news…

Adrenaline is Scientifically PROVEN to DECREASE Your Appetite and Cravings.

belly fat

In fact, a short burst of adrenaline, when done right, have an appetite-suppressing effect even into the next day!

The subjects consumed fewer calories over the next 24 hours after flooding their body with adrenaline!

So as you probably already know, exercise will produce adrenaline, but not just any old exercise.

Short bouts of High Intensity exercise will increase adrenaline better than ANY traditional workout.

With the popular Interval Style Body-Weight workouts that MMA fighters such as, “Conor McGregor,” you’ll be producing very high amounts of adrenaline.

His style of workouts are great for losing fat and you don’t have to be a boxer or MMA fighter to do it. Check out his routine here: Build A Conor McGregor Fighting Physique

What’s Next?

You Can Use the Power of Adrenaline to Start Losing More Weight TODAY Because it’s So Simple

By keeping workouts short and intense, it will help you lose fat pretty quickly.

Click the “Next Page” Button below for workouts that will help you lose fat using the power of adrenaline.

belly fat


[1] Trapp, E. G. and Boutcher, S. Metabolic response of trained and untrained women during high-intensity intermittent cycle exercise. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2007 Dec;293(6):R2370-5.


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