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If you really want to grow your biceps and make them PEAK, you need to train the Brachialis. BLAST your Biceps with This Tri-Set.

The Brachialis is a long and strong muscle of the upper arm. It originates at the distal half of the anterior side of the humerus.

In addition, the origin tendon attaches to the medial and lateral inter-muscular septa of the arm, two dividing membranes separating the flexor from the extensor muscles.

For the most part, the brachialis lies under the biceps brachii and is therefore not easy to palpate from the surface.

The muscle barely has superficial parts found at its’ lateral border and distally.

Even though it is located deep in the upper arm, the brachialis muscle still contributes indirectly to the surface anatomy as its’ large belly makes the biceps brachii look much larger on the surface than it actually is. (“Behind every great biceps brachii is a great brachialis”.)

Watch the video below as I show you a Tri-Set that will grow the brachialis so it pushes your bicep (bicep brachii) UP making it peak.

What’s Next?

The 4 Specialized Training Techniques I mentioned in the video is the key to unlocking your body’s natural anabolic growth hormones regardless of age or genetics.

Testosterone, Growth Hormone and Lactic Acid is more critical than your diet or any workout program you follow.

You must execute each rep, each set and each exercise using these 4 techniques above to kick-start the anabolic hormones responsible for lean muscle growth.

If you fail to apply ALL 4 of these techniques, it doesn’t matter how disciplined you are with your diet such as, how much protein, carbs, and fats you consume or what workout program you follow.

But if you act on what I just explained to you starting today, you’ll be way ahead of your buddies and other guys around the world.


Just imagine right NOW what a KILLER body will do for you in your job, marriage, dating relationships, winning the respect of others around you, rekindling an old flame, and the most valuable currency of all, time!

Imagine how you’ll feel right NOW when everything seems to go your way effortlessly because of your NEW physique that only took you a minimal amount of time to achieve.

To increase more testosterone and growth hormone while building noticeable, head-turning muscle WITHOUT  all the negative side effect of dangerous drugs.

And to build a body that’s attractive and get stares from the opposite sex when you walk by.

Since I’ve begun sharing my secrets…

100’s of guys in 174 countries have used these EXACT techniques to pack on lean hard rock muscle in the shortest time possible WITHOUT drugs or BOGUS supplements.

My desire is for you to experience the same thing for yourself.

I have put together a step by step system which will unlock the muscle building hormones hidden inside your body.

This training program increases testosterone……growth hormone…leanness and mass… and is based on science.

This program is called, “180 Muscle”

180 Muscle is a 12 week program designed to increase lactic acid responsible for fuel, energy, testosterone, growth hormone, and fat loss ALL in the same workout. CLICK HERE and receive 3 MORE bonuses FREE when you enroll TODAY!

This program is completely different.  It is different than anything you’ve ever tried in the gym.

It is the first and only workout that uses ALL four training techniques… maximized to produce lactic acid responsible for releasing natural testosterone and growth hormone in order to build lean and rock hard muscle in just 180 minutes a week!

You’ll ONLY train 4 days a week BUT…hit each muscle group TWICE!

No one’s training program does that!

When you consider the research, it’s pretty obvious to see why you haven’t experienced the results you truly want and deserve:

If you’ve been following any other workout programs… you’re robbing yourself of unleashing the body’s own anabolic hormones for maximal GROWTH.

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