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Building bigger, wider shoulders is the stepping stone to creating that desired v-tapered body. Here’s how to grow BIGGER shoulders using light weight.

Today’s workout is learning how to build BIGGER shoulders using light weight.

Building bigger shoulders is the stepping stone to creating that desired v-tapered physique.

If you know how to apply the right amount of tension, you can completely DOUBLE your muscle gains, remodel ANY “weak” body-part, bust through any plateau, all while revealing your abs at the same time.

You don’t necessarily need to lift heavy when building bigger and broader shoulders except for the first exercise in today’s video.

The first exercise is a bit brutal and the only one you’ll need to lift heavy on. It’s probably an exercise that you have never done.

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NOTE:  Whenever you see a letter with a number next to it like B1, B2, this is a super-set where you’ll perform the exercises together without rest.  Once you complete 1 round, rest for 60 sec and repeat an additional 3 more.

Muscle Building Calculator

A1.  BB Push Press
Sets   Reps    Rest
4       4-6     40 sec

B1.  Snatch Grip BB Rear Delt Row
Sets        Reps
4               10

B2.  Prone DB Lateral Raise
Sets        Reps        Rest
4              12          40 sec

C1.  BB Prone Front Raise
Sets        Reps        Rest
4            10-12

C2.  DB Shrugs
Sets        Reps        Rest
4           10-12       40 sec

D1.  Bent Over Rear Cable Delt Flye
Sets        Reps        Rest
4            10-12      40 sec

What To Do Next? 

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Bigger, Wider Shoulders Using Light Weight

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