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Which is the best weight loss diet for fat loss? Ketogenic diet vs low carb diet vs atkins vs paleo? Which one of these diets are best to burn fat? Aren’t all of these diets just a fancy way of saying keep your carbs low or is there more to it? Discover the TRUTH and what works BEST for FASTER weight loss.

Today there are so many diet strategies such as keto, atkins, paleo and low carb for weight loss, but which one gives better results?

Isn’t the ketogenic diet and low carb diet essentially the same thing?

How about Atkins and paleo, aren’t all of these diets just a fancy way of saying keep your carbs low?

Well it’s definitely safe to say that you are limiting your carb intake in all of these diet plans but each plan calls for a slightly different approach to burning fat.

Keto Diet

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Most ketogenic diets require you to keep your carbs under 30 grams a day and the most carbs that I’ve ever seen on a keto plan was 50 grams a day.

Usually this will account for 5% of your total daily intake.

Then you would have somewhere between 75 to 80 percent of your calories from fat.

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And finally 15 to 20 percent of your calories from protein.

With ketogenic it’s clear that the carbs are very limited at only 5 percent per day and the reason why carbs are so limited is because the ketogenic diet is trying to put you into ketosis.

To sum it up, ketosis is a state in which you’re going to burn more fat and produce Ketone bodies in your liver for use as energy when carbohydrates are really low.

Essentially you’ll burn body fat much faster in the absence of glucose which comes from carbohydrates.

Low Carb Diet

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Low-carb diets on the other hand don’t require an exact number of carbohydrates the way that keto does.

Obviously since it’s low carb you wouldn’t expect to have more than 20 to 30% of your calories coming from carbs, but even at 20% it’s a huge difference from the 5% that you get with keto.

So with low carb we can consider the exact number of carbs undefined whereas with Keto that number is very defined with exact numerical values.

Atkins Diet

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What about atkins?

When taking a closer look at Atkins you see that Atkins is different from keto and low-carb as well.

With Atkins the general accepted split is 30% protein 10% carbs and 60% fat.

Again this is higher in carbs than the 5% we see with keto which Keto dieters would not support because they would say that having a higher level of carbs would kick you out of ketosis.

The Atkins at certain points will definitely put you into ketosis.

The plan takes you through four phases and a lot of these phases match up with the keto structure.

In Phase 1 of Atkins you have to limit your totally daily carb intake to only 20 grams per day.

This is as low if not even lower than keto.

EDITORS NOTE: Knowing what and how much to eat for weight loss is critical towards your success.

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Then you progress to phase 2 where you still keep carbs really low but you add in certain vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds back into the diet.

Then in Phase 3 which you only start once you’re about 10 pounds from your weight loss goal, you start to add 10 grams of carbs to your diet each week.

Finally in phase four you enter maintenance which allows you to eat anywhere from 45 to 100 grams of carbs per day.

Phase one and two sound just like the ketogenic diet and I’m sure when your in those two phases you will be in a state of ketosis.

However, when you enter into phase 3 and phase 4 you’re going to be moving more towards a general low carb diet which as I’ve already mentioned is very different from keto.

Paleo Diet

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Now how about paleo, where does paleo fit in all of this.

Well paleo once again elicits fat loss by keeping the list of approved carbs short, but the paleo plan is different because it only allows foods that were believed to be eaten by our caveman ancestors.

The best paleo macronutrient split as defined by the perfect health diet and paleo is around 20% carbohydrates, 65% fat and 15% protein.

This is slightly different from what we’ve seen with low carb and Atkins, but it’s very different from keto.

Even though paleo and Keto are both low in carbohydrates, Keto is significantly lower than paleo.

Remember keto totals only at 5% of total daily intake of carbohydrates.

The Paleo diet is also very specific with what foods you can and cannot eat.

Even though you can do this diet with regular produce it’s highly recommended that all your meat products are grass-fed, wild caught and pasture-raised.

You’re allowed to eat any fresh vegetables except for potatoes and any nuts except for peanuts.

Also eggs, healthy oils like olive oil and fresh fruit especially berries are allowed on the plan.

Grains, bread, cereals, any processed food, legumes, beans, and dairy are completely off the plan.

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Dairy is a big part of the ketogenic diet for many people.

A lot of people get the massive amount of fat required on keto with options like cheese.

Cheese would be forbidden on the Paleo diet, but on paleo you would actually be able to eat things like pumpkin, squash and yams.

With keto it would be almost impossible to eat these things because you would easily exceed you’re 5% carb allowance.

Most of these diets match up in their efforts to limit grains and processed foods, but not all of them have to be considered low carb diets.

It’s clear that keto always calls for you to keep your carbs really low.

However, with Atkins your carbs can go all the way up to 100 grams and maintenance.

Paleo your diet doesn’t even have to be low-carb at all.

Paleo is more focused on what food you’re allowed to eat for good health.

You can say that paleo is more focused on food quality rather than keto and Atkins which are mostly focused on food quantity especially carb quantity.

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When picking the right diet for yourself think about which one allows you to eat the food groups that you enjoy the most.

Also think about which one makes the most sense to you and which one you’ll actually stick to the longest.

A lot of people that start low carb dieting lately go straight for keto.

The ketogenic diet is the hottest diet of 2018 because it helps you quickly lose stubborn fat… it reduces fat storing inflammation… it helps you live longer and avoid today’s most deadly diseases.

But there are several problems that accompany a “traditional” high fat keto diet:

  • You like to eat carbs?….You are out of ketosis.
  • Want to eat some healthy, ripe fruits that are in season?….You are out of ketosis.
  • Too much protein in that delicious steak or baconyou just ate?….You are out of ketosis.
  • Want to have a glass (or two) or red wine, a few beers, or cocktails?  You guessed right….You are out of ketosis

Bottom line:

Permanent ketosis is not healthy, fun, OR realistic for anybody to follow long term, which is exactly why there’s a new, upgraded version that produces rapid results in only 14 days

It’s called, The “Targeted” Keto Diet and people have used it to drop pounds of unwanted belly flab, WITHOUT avoiding carbs, desserts, or alcohol

It all started by eating theses 4 SUPER FATS at the right time over a very short 14 day period (a few of them are probably in your kitchen right now).

Ketogenic, low-carb, Atkins and paleo are all linked to weight loss and body fat reduction and one is not considered really better than another one.

You just have to find the one that works best for you based on food preferences and your lifestyle.

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