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Losing weight with a diet and workout plan can work but to change your life and body permanently you have to maintain the same habits as other successful people. Learn the 9 habits to lose weight naturally and permanently.

Today we’re going over the 9 habits for weight loss that are going to change your body permanently.

When I say permanently, I’m talking about you getting in the best shape you want to be in and staying there WITHOUT rebound weight gain.

Most people can only dream of maintaining a lean body year round but today I’m going to show you the nine habits that will help you do just that.

Lets start with number 1.

Habit #1 – Don’t Deny Yourself

weight loss

Don’t deny yourself the food you love.

You were probably not expecting that one, but it’s true.

If you want to transform your body and actually maintain your results you can’t stay restricted with your diet plan for too long.

When you tell yourself that you cant eat something for a couple weeks it’s totally different than telling yourself you can never eat something ever again.

If you really love pizza and you decide you’re never eating it again, you’ve just locked yourself into a psychological wrestling match.

One that you’re probably gonna lose because suppressing a thought only makes you think about that thought more.

A much better strategy to deal with your cravings when your on a long-term weight loss plan is by not having any restrictions but instead understanding your body better.

What I mean is that we have two different types of hunger.

The physical feeling of hunger and your minds interpretation of that feeling of hunger.

The physical feelings are things like your stomach growling, feeling empty, your mouth watering or feeling low on energy.

However, most people never even experience the physical feeling of hunger because before they even can their mind hunger has already taken over.

All the sudden your mind space becomes full of all these wonderful suggestions of things that will end your hunger and usually none of them are healthy.

Like I just said, suppressing your thoughts will only make you think of those thoughts more so the best way to handle this is to allow yourself to eat whatever your mind is telling you that you really want.

However, the catch is that before you allow yourself to have that pizza, cookie, or ice cream or before you eat whatever it is that your mind is telling you, you want to first be able to handle the physical feeling of hunger by having a high protein, high vegetable, healthy carb meal.

Now the reason why I want you to do this is because your minds hunger isn’t real, its an illusion.

Your mind hunger is a reaction to your body’s physical feeling of hunger and as soon as you satisfy that physical feeling of hunger, 90 percent of the time you won’t even want to eat whatever it is that you were obsessing over.

If you still do help yourself, you’re not going to eat very much of it before you’re full.

You’ll be mind blown at how amazing this strategy is. Try it.

I could go on and on about how great this habit is but there’s still eight other habits to go that we have to go over so let’s move on to the next one which is to start exercising with heavy weights.

Habit #2 – Lifting Heavy

weight loss

Lifting heavier weights releases more muscle-growth and fat-burning hormones than lifting light weights.

As long as your moving at a moderate pace you’ll be able to burn way more calories and get way more done within a shorter period of time.

Also for naturals lifting, heavier weights helps encourage more protein synthesis, which isn’t as much of a concern for steroid users, but for natural lifters this leads to greater muscle gains.

My favorite rep range is six to eight reps so when I say heavy I’m not talking about power lifting, but you want to pick a weight that you can’t do more than 8 reps.

If you can do that weight for more then 8 reps then its time to move up to a heavier weight using progressive overload.

The heavier the weight the more calories you’ll burn with each rep.

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I’m talking about a specific kind of isometrics. Which...

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By using heavier weight you’ll activate more fast twitch muscle fibers and release lots of fat burning hormones allowing you to continue burning fat hours after your workout during the recovery process.

You’ll also build more bone density and lifting heavy weights consistently will help increase your metabolism.

The point is to lift heavy weights.

Most of you that are debating between going heavy or light simply don’t want to push yourself, and pushing yourself is required to consistently continue getting results.

Next habit is to practice fasting regularly.

Habit #3 – Fasting

weight loss

I want you to get all that nonsense out of your head that you have to have breakfast and you have to eat x amount of meals a day because none of it is true.

Your body works based off of totals so if you overeat one day and fast the next day your totals will probably balance out.

Fasting allows you the freedom to eat more of the foods you enjoy without having to worry as much about going over your total daily calories and macros.

It’s also one of the best ways to drop insulin levels leading to more fat loss.

EDITORS NOTE: Knowing what and how much to eat for weight loss is critical towards your success.

If you’re not sure how to calculate your calories in order to burn fat, Get Your Free Fat Burning Calorie Calculator For Quick Weight Loss & Burn More Fat Than You Thought Possible In 30 Days=> Fat Burning Calculator

You won’t slow your metabolism down, you won’t lose muscle mass and you won’t starve if you simply don’t eat for a period of time but you will have more time to do other things.

You will also be able to have fuller more enjoyable meals when you actually do eat and you’re going to enjoy dieting a whole lot more.

The next habit is to exercise first thing in the morning whenever possible.

Habit #4 – Exercise In The Morning

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If you have trouble getting your workout in or if you procrastinate this is a must.

By waking up and going straight to your workout you’re doing two things:

  1. One you’re getting your workout done and out of the way.
  2. Two you’re starting your day off on a very high note.

Many people dread having to do their workout later on in the day and then the dread turns into excuses which turns into procrastination and then they never wind up showing up.

Showing up is the majority of the battle so just start your day by doing your workout before you can start making the excuses and I promise you you’re gonna be on top of the world and way more productive for the rest of the day.

The next habit is to always focus on progressive overload during your workouts.

Habit #5 – Incorporate Progressive Overload

weight loss

If you’ve been running three miles per per day of cardio for years it’s time to try five miles.

If you’ve been lifting the same weight for squats for six weeks, let’s try to up that by at least five pounds.

The only way to transform your body is by making incremental progress over time.

For every workout try to find one exercise that you can make a little more challenging than last time and you’ll find yourself progressing really fast.

Next I want you to practice lowering your sugar consumption.

Habit #6 – Reduce Sugar Intake

weight loss

I want you to know that sugar not only makes you gain weight and it’s unhealthy for you but because sugar is addicting.

Anyone that’s drank soda before regularly fully understands this.

If you drink soda or some other sugary beverages for even a few days in a row you’ll start to notice you crave it.

Refined sugars light up reward centers in your brain in a way that you just can’t match with real food and water.

Your brain and your body literally gets hooked on the sugar which spikes your insulin levels ultimately increasing fat storage while blocking fat loss.

The less sugar you have the less you’ll crave and the more you’ll begin to reset your taste buds to enjoy natural real food sources.

This actually takes us right into our next habit which is to stick mostly to natural single-ingredient food sources.

Habit #7 – Single ingredient Foods

weight loss

Shop along the outside perimeter of your grocery store and avoid the inner aisles where almost everything is processed and packaged into a box.

If what you’re buying has a label, check and make sure that there is preferably just one ingredient and if there are more than just one make sure that all the ingredients are from single ingredient natural sources.

Your body’s better equipped to digest and assimilate real food and you’re much more likely to not over eat when you’re eating real food.

The next habit is gonna sound absurd and I know a lot of you are gonna say you don’t have time, but I want you to try to exercise every day.

Habit #8 – Exercise Everyday

weight loss

The easiest habits to maintain are the ones that we do daily without thinking about it.

Brushing your teeth, using deodorant and taking a shower are all perfect examples.

Have you ever forgotten to brush your teeth one day and then all the sudden you forget again the next day?

That’s how habits work.

Even though it might sound harder to make time for a workout every day when compared to let’s say three days a week for your workouts, your motivation of momentum.

When you exercise then take two days off it almost feels like you’re getting back in the routine when you end up coming back for a workout again.

By doing some form of exercise every day even if it’s taking a long walk one of the days, it helps eliminate thoughts, excuses and procrastination and it will make working out more of an automatic habit.

EDITORS NOTE:  Forget long, boring running sessions, multiple times a week…

Besides, that stuff can actually do more damage than good....

And in the long run (no pun intended), you can end up injured and even more out of shape than when you started.


When used properly... 16 minutes of running per week could help you not only burn pounds of fat, but also can add serious muscle to your frame!

No, seriously.

Check out this revolutionary type of running here…

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If you think you have no time to work out every day, I’ll leave you with two quotes.

The first one is, “that we make time for things that are most important to us” and the second is that “exercise will never take time away it’ll only add time on.”

Forward momentum leads to consistency and consistency is our final habit because it’s the sole key to having long-term success.

Habit #9 – Consistency

weight loss

Make it a habit to be consistent with your workouts and living a healthy lifestyle.

That means if you have to travel, find the gym in the area you’re traveling to.

If you don’t feel like working out do it anyway and always be sensible with your eating habits.

Every time that you don’t feel like working out and you’ll allow yourself to give up on your workout plans your training your mind that it’s okay to not follow through and it makes it that much easier to quit next time.

Instead you want to reinforce in your mind that you do what you say you’re going do because not only will that behavior benefit your body but it’ll also bleed out into all other areas of your life.

What’s Next?

Trying to Eat the foods you like and still get healthier isn’t nearly as easy as they make it seem, is it? It seems like big-industry has led us to a bunch of unhealthy habits that quite frankly, aren’t our fault.

There’s even some stuff out there now that is showing some signs of deceptiveness from the food industry in major studies!

Its all gotten the best of you though; you’ve probably:

  • Applied methods that you find on the internet
  • Eaten more fruits and vegetables (which is important, but not the whole picture)
  • Tried following complicated programs that include using more time you don’t have

… and they all left you feeling frustrated and honestly, somewhat manipulated

But There are some VERY IMPORTANT things that the mainstream and big industry keeps from us, and that’s why it can get confusing!

This research-backed study can get you eating tasty foods that are sustainable for life, and can help you get 20-30% more energy all while ADAPTING to your own fat for fuel

So how exactly does this work?

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