6 proven weight loss diet tips for getting lean fast

Weight loss is not as hard as people make it out to be. Strip the stubborn fat from your belly with these 6 proven weight loss diet tips.

Weight loss has become a multi billion dollar industry and many of the principles that are put out online about weight loss are a bit misleading, filled with empty promises that leave millions of people frustrated.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be that complicated and actually it isn’t at all.

With that said, here are a few simple tips that will promise you fulfilling and long lasting weight loss.

TIP #1  Avoid processed foods

weight lossAvoid processed foods with ingredients that are listed on the box a mile long.

Most of these chemicals are terrible for weight loss.

Shop around the outer perimeter of your local grocery store. Here’s a short list of 9 dangerous food poisons to AVOID.

TIP #2  “Slight” Caloric Deficit

weight lossEat just a little less than your maintenance calories.

Again don’t do anything extreme. A 250–300 calorie deficit should suffice as a good starting point.

Here’s a weight loss calculator that will figure it out for you.

TIP #3  Protein

weight lossEat more protein and reduce carbohydrates.

Studies have shown that high protein diets have a thermogenic effect that causes more weight loss to occur. (See study)

TIP #4  Avoid Sugary Drinks

weight lossAvoid sugary drinks like fruit juices, sodas, orange juice, etc and drink more water.

TIP #5  Sleep

weight loss

Get plenty of rest. This can be a big one. Rest is very important because this is the time your body produces growth hormone and burns fat.

TIP #6  Short Exercise

weight lossLast but certainly not least, exercise. You don’t need to spend hours exercising to lose weight.

Some of the best forms of exercise are shorter ones that don’t take up a lot of your time and some of them can be done WITHOUT leaving your living room.

In fact, imagine putting an end to suffering when trying to lose stubborn belly fat in just 4 minutes a day

Is that even possible?

Believe it or not, it is.

What you’ll discover today is a new solution that has shamed the most esteemed fitness experts, trainers and leading doctors.

There’s been quite a misconception as to “how” fat is lost.

Here’s the story:

For quite a while, leading doctors believed that when we lose fat it turns into energy…

…The truth of the matter is, it’s NOT!

The good news is that we now KNOW how fat is lost…and it’s not what you think.

Even more astounding is this: the TRUE cause is a fairly monumental discovery that goes back a long, long time. It just has not come into the mainstream until recently.

The secret is a chemical compound found hidden deep inside your fat cells.

2 Canadian scientists found that performing this 4 minute technique 3 times a week, (along with the tips I provided above) the subcutaneous fat loss was nine-fold greater than traditional exercise methods.

=> Unlock this chemical within your fat cells and you’ll lose fat a lot faster

weight loss

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