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People are more educated than they’ve ever been because of the internet and a lot of people know a lot more about the gym when it comes to building muscle,  but sadly there’s still a lot of myths that are perpetuated in gyms worldwide.  This article is going to debunk 5 of the WORST.

There’s a science to building muscle, but many gyms across America get caught up in what’s commonly called, “bro-science.”

This article is going to debunk 5 of the WORST.

Worst Bro Science Advice #1 – The more time you spend in the gym, the bigger you’ll get.


For most people the order goes this way:

1. Working out is high high up on the list

2. Nutrition and somewhere far below and…

3. Rest is well basically whenever they can get it

The problem is when you workout your muscles strenuously, your muscles need time to recover and they also need to be fed.

If you’re not getting proper nutrition and rest, you’re not going to see results.

When that happens you’re going to get unmotivated and that’s no good.



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Try and think of it like this, you don’t get stronger after working out you get stronger after proper recovery.

Fitness is like a chair assisting four legs.

You’ve got working out, nutrition, rest and cardio. If you move one of the legs it’s going to get wobbly. If you move two legs it’s going to fall over, you move three and you’re screwed

Worst Bro Science Advice #2 – Women = lighter weight and higher reps while men should lift with heavier weight and lower reps


This is FALSE!

Other than some gender differences as far as men having a bit more testosterone in women having a bit more estrogen there’s no need to corner yourself into thinking that women train one way while men should train a completely different way.

What you really need to focus on is your goal.  Is your goal to lose weight, is your goal to get more aesthetically pleasing as far as separating the body and categories throughout the week or do you want to gain strength and size?

Do you want to do full body workouts, 5×5 program?  These are going to really dictate on how you work out your goals so keep that in mind!

Don’t train specifically if you’re a man or woman train specifically for your goal and that’s going to be the most important thing you want to take away from this article.

Worst Bro Science Advice #3 – Only Workout At A Specific Time Of Day


Working out in the morning is good because you can get up before the sun is even risen and it feels like you already have a head start on the day.

Mornings are also great for your mental outlook and you don’t have to stress about work or school running too long and then you missing a workout in the evening because you already finished in the morning.

Just because morning workouts are great doesn’t mean you have to because your muscles aren’t going to punish you for working out at a specific time of day as opposed to another, as long as you’re getting that proper rest and recovery.

You maybe thinking what if you’re a paramedic, people in the military, people with schedules who may not fit the norm?

Well that’s totally fine. You can work out at night, the morning or whatever suits your specific needs just remember that proper rest and recovery is critical.

Worst Bro Science Advice #4 – There’s Only One way To Workout


Working out only one way is a common misconception and there are so many programs available such as hypertrophy, 5×5, powerlifting, circuit training, German volume training, crossfit you name it it’s out there.

So which one is the right one for you will be for you to decide. The good thing is a lot of these programs specify what they’re good for and what you hope to achieve from them. So choose one that’s in line with your goals and try it out.

Try not to hop from one program to the other very quickly, though if you get bored you’ll want to try to stick with it for a good amount of time to see if it’s physically helping you or if it’s mentally captivating you long enough to keep you interested in the program itself.

So with all these programs available, don’t go into one for peer pressure or don’t get one just because it’s popular.

Make sure you choose one that’s been aligned with your specific goals and the one that seems interesting to you.

Worst Bro Science Advice #4 – Focus on muscle groups you can see


Yes. Chest, biceps and abs are awesome muscle groups and they’re a hell of a lot of fun to work out, but don’t fall into the trap of becoming a curl monkey or pec pumper.

What does that mean? That means neglecting the muscle groups you can’t see such as the back, hamstring, calves, etc

What’s going to happen is you’re going to create muscle imbalances and throw off your aesthetic and it’s going to lead to injuries in the long run.

Please please whatever you do, don’t neglect leg day even if you plan on wearing pants for the rest of your life. Legs are apart of the total package. A real man or women never skips legs

Okay there you go, there’s five of the most common bro science statements.

I know that there are a lot more out there and I tried to compile my favorites, but please let me know yours in the comments section below because I’m sure there’s more someone can suggest.

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