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Ripped six pack abs isn’t just about diet and training.  Here are 5 critical tips that will help you develop abs EASIER and FASTER than you thought possible.

Building ripped six pack abs is one of those body parts that is highly desired.  Anyone can build muscle, but not everyone wants to put in the time and effort to building an impressive set of abs.

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Abs are not all about how many crunches you can do or being able to stick to a strict diet.

While diet and a good ab training program are important, here are 5 tips that you may have never heard of that will get you those ripped six pack abs faster than you thought possible.

TIP#1  Quality Over Quantity

5 Tips For Ripped Six Pack Abs

The first thing we need to understand about how to train for ripped six pack abs is that it's not about how many you can do, but how hard you can contract them.

Many people can crank out 20-30 ab crunches, but can you actually feel them cramping?  Yes I said cramping.

If all you're thinking about is doing a lot of repetitions, you could be missing out on better ab development.

It's better to do 10-15 hard 2 second ab contractions than banging out a ton of useless reps while injuring your back.

The next time you do any ab exercise make sure to contract your abs as hard as you can for approximately 2 seconds and repeat until they cramp.

TIP#2  Train On A Separate Day

5 Tips For Ripped Six Pack Abs

If you are one of those people who train their abs after an exhausting workout, you may be missing out on developing the six pack you really want.

You may want to consider putting them on their own separate day when you train your forearms, calves or even cardio.

These are small muscle groups that do not require a lot of energy expenditure and you'll feel more "fresh" when training your abs separately.

TIP#3  Do Them First

5 tips for ripped six pack abs

If you have no time to put your ab training on their own separate day, try putting them at the beginning of your regular workout when you're fresh.

Performing an ab workout at the beginning of your training is like doing a warm up before you hit the weights.

Doing ab workouts will strengthen up your core for the workout you are going to perform after.

Make sure to start off your ab routine with high intensity. Doing so will set the tone for the rest of your workout.

For a challenging ab circuit make sure to check out this routine=>Best Ab Exercise Circuit For Shredded Six Pack Abs

TIP#4  Drink A Lot Of Water

5 Tips For Ripped Six Pack AbsA lot of people don't stop to think how important water is to getting ripped six pack abs.

Water is essential to seeing your abs more defined as water acts as a natural diuretic.

The more water you drink the less you will retain it.  This sounds counter-intuitive but, drinking a lot of water will make you piss more and therefor flushing out any excess water underneath the muscle.

Many fitness competitors will drink 2-3 gallons a day for a week before they step on stage.

TIP#5  Back Load Your Carbs or Low Carbs

ripped six pack absIf you're able to handle carbs make sure to eat them in the late afternoon between 1-2 hours after your workout.

There have been a lot of scientific research that shows eating your carbs towards the end of your day will be less likely stored as fat.

The reason for this is cortisol tends to be lower towards the late afternoon and carbohydrates spike insulin.

Spiking insulin to early in the morning while cortisol levels are high (upon wakening) will be shuttled into the fat cells rather than muscle.

The afternoons work best because you want to spike insulin after a workout so you end up replacing the lost glycogen within the muscle.

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While training abs takes a little time and dedication there are other indirect ways to help you get those ripped six packs abs.

Direct ab training is great, but I wanted to figure out other ways to getting lean and ripped WITHOUT having to spend money on expensive gym memberships or fancy fitness gadgets

The truth is, the older you get the more challenging and busy life can become.  Can you get an effective workout without leaving your house and still get lean and ripped?

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