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5 Big Mistakes Men Make When Dieting For Fat Loss

Many men wreak havoc on their metabolisms and kill any chance of getting shredded. AVOID these 5 big mistakes when trying to lean down and diet for fat loss

Most “conventional” dieting practices will crush your male metabolism and destroy your hormonal balance making it virtually impossible for you to get lean for optimal fat loss.

Now hear me out…

Trying to transform your body the conventional way will zap your energy, break down your muscle mass, erase your strength, kill your testosterone and make you miserable.

Believe it or not, there’s a right way to sculpt a lean, chiseled physique that allows you the freedom to eat your favorite foods and doesn’t require you to kill yourself on the treadmill or spend your life in the gym.

A way that is flexible, enjoyable and sustainable.

If it sounds like a bold statement, I promise you that by the end of this article you’ll see what I mean…

With that said, here are 5 common dieting practices that are the WORST mistakes one can make when trying to lean down and get ripped…

Mistake #1  Going Low Calorie Long Periods

fat lossIf you want to burn fat and lose weight, you do have to create an energy deficit.

But you’re shooting yourself in the foot when you decrease calories too fast and for too long…

Because your body senses an unusual stress and shifts your hormonal balance towards survival.

First, your testosterone levels plummetcausing your energy to crash and your libido to dry up.

That’s what happened to me when I lost my sex drive.

Then the production of your stress hormone cortisol goes through the roof, increasing your cravings for sugar and leaving you groggy in the morning…

Even if you get a full night’s sleep. Believe me, it’s a horrible feeling.

Last, your metabolic rate slows down and you have to eat less than a runway model to keep losing weight.

At some point, your weight loss stops altogether, no matter how little you’re eating or how many miles you’re running.


Decreasing you calories to fast will also suppress your thyroid.

The thyroid is the most metabolically active gland in your entire body.  If your thyroid is functioning at full capacity, weight-loss becomes relatively easy.  If it's not, however -- which is the case for most -- losing even a single pound can become seemingly impossible.

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Then it can take several months for your body to recover from this situation and lose fat again.

Now I suppose you don’t want that…so what do you do instead?

Well the trick is to coax your body into burning fat.

A simple nudge is all you need in the beginning, and you’ll be burning fat faster than ever while never feeling you’re on a diet.

But you’ll quickly notice the difference on the scale and in the mirror…that I can promise you.

Mistake #2  Eating 5 Time A Day

fat lossEating small meals multiple times a day may seem like a good idea to lose weight…

But for real, it’s just a recipe for disaster.

Maybe you’ve heard it speeds up your metabolism, but that’s a myth.

Let me quote the conclusion of a study from the Oxford Nutrition Reviews:

“The small difference between frequencies suggests any potential benefits, if they exist at all, have limited practical significance. The number of daily meals consumed should come down to personal choice if one’s goal is to improve body composition”.

In other words, eating 2 or 5 meals a day makes no difference whatsoever when it comes to shredding fat.

Now maybe you think eating frequently will help you keep hunger away, but that’s also an illusion. What you notice is the complete opposite…

It leaves you thinking about your next meal constantly because you never have enough food in a sitting to ever feel satisfied.

And there’s nothing worse than thinking about food all the time when dieting.

Believe me…

It Won’t Be Long Before You Throw In The Towel And Get Back To Your Old Eating Habits

That would be a shame when just a little adjustment could keep you on track effortlessly until you reach your goal

And I’ll show what to do in just a moment…

Mistake #3  Avoiding Essential Nutrients

fat lossI have nothing against chicken breast and veggies…

But if you’re looking to get shredded to the bone, you can’t just eat that all the time.

Not only is a high protein diet NOT SUSTAINABLE because you force yourself to eat boring foods you hate…

But you’re also leaving carbs and fats out of the equation when they’re absolutely ESSENTIAL for fat loss.

You see your ability to burn fat is mainly regulated by a hormone called leptin; the more leptin you have, the easier you can destroy stubborn fat…

Remove carbs from your diet and you cause leptin levels to crash and your body to store fat 24/7.

But that’s not all…

Carbs and fats play a primary role in the production of testosterone.

When these nutrients are lacking, sex is no longer a priority and your libido evaporates faster than you usually get a boner.

And when testosterone drops, the female hormone oestrogen rises; because of high levels of oestrogen in the blood…

Some men develop female breast tissue when they come off a diet!

This is fact, not hype.

So you definitely want to eat a perfect balance of essential nutrients if you want your metabolism to torch fat long enough for you to get ripped…

And I’ll show you how to do that further down this page so keep reading…

Mistake #4  To Much Cardio

fat lossMost guys believe cardio will get them ripped.

And you can see that every day in the gym. Every single dude jumps on the treadmill before anything else…

Now I’m not saying cardio can’t speed up fat loss. But no amount of cardio can make up for a mediocre diet.

Did you know you have to jog 12 hours to lose a single pound on the scale?

You can see why this is a problem.

And assuming you do it every week, you train your metabolism to store fat instead of burning it.

Why? Well here’s something the gurus and most doctors don’t tell you…

Too Much Cardio Can Set You Up For Weight Regain Because It Teaches Your Metabolism To Be “Efficient”

And the more efficient your metabolism, the less calories you burn.

Just think of a car that burns more gas (calories) when driving in a city because it’s very inefficient, and less gas (calories) driving on a highway because it’s efficient.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg…

According to the U.S. National Library Of Medicine, too much cardio can force your body to produce less leptin and testosterone…

Not to mention flood your system with cortisol, your worst enemy on a diet.

So when it comes to stripping away fat, long cardio workouts will only make things harder for you down the road.

Mistake #5  Lifting To Heavy

fat lossMost “fitness gurus” and weekend warriors at the gym would say you need to lift heavy weights and spend hours in the gym if you want a strong and muscular body…

Which may work if you’re on the “juice” or a teenager going through puberty…

However… if you’re a man over 30 you’re cutting your gains in half…

You see, the problem with lifting heavy weights and performing long workouts in the gym is this… Anabolic Interference.

Think of it like a “workout hangover.”

Just like you can drink too much alcohol… you can “do too much” in the gym.

Which blocks your muscle-building hormone production, shrinks your testosterone count and forces your body to undergo extreme amounts of inflammation… slowing muscle repair and growth.

Listen. You won’t hear about Anabolic Interference on popular bodybuilding websites or in muscle magazine…

After all… lifting less weights and spending less time in the gym isn’t a “hot topic” among these different fitness publications…

However, if you’re a man over 30 and you’re serious about making muscle gains for the next several decades… WITHOUT injury or sabotaging the #1 hormone that makes you feel and perform like a true man… you’ll want to click the next page button below;

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