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Dear Friend,

What if I told you that there was an eating strategy that promised permanent weight loss WITHOUT feeling hungry while maintaining lean and tight muscle, improve cardiovascular health, reverse diabetes, decrease the risk of cancer and reverse aging?

Would you be skeptical?

What if I told you that in just 16 hours from now you can literally "flip a switch" in your body to turn on a little known "internal cellular cleanup crew" that could reverse ALL the damage you've done to your body WITHOUT any kind of pill, prescription or potion...

What if you could eat foods like butter, avocado, steak, and other "fatty" foods and ERASE your Type-2 Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes all while MELTING away stubborn belly fat...

Would you believe me?

It's 100% true and this emerging new science is going to change the way you look at your health and nutrition forever.  The mechanism behind this switch is something that's naturally hidden inside your body and had been hidden in plain sight all these years without us truly understanding its power.

Today I'm going to talk to you about an effective eating strategy that the “gurus”, the big food companies, anti aging clinics and the diet industry don't want you to know. In fact they’ve done their best to attack it with false labels like “controversial” or “dangerous.”

But first let me tell you my story...

My name is Tim Ernst and I'm a Body Transformation Specialist who has helped thousands of people across the world get lean and burn stubborn fat.

As much as I hate to admit it…

I went through a living hell with my body

… As a weight loss specialist I was putting on more and more belly fat every week.

I got really depressed and I was desperate to find a solution…

Until by complete accident I stumbled upon an eating trick so simple that I dropped 7 pounds in just 10 days WITHOUT even thinking about it.

  • If you ever been told by your doctor that you should FOLLOW a LOW-fat diet in order to stay healthy and lose weight...
  • Or that you should NEVER skip breakfast becuase it slows down your metabolism?
  • Eat smaller meals through out the day will boost your metabolism and lose weight...
  • Or that eating late past 7p.m. will make you fat and slow down your metabolism

Keep Reading.

Because I would hate for you to fall victim of the obesity epidemic causing chronic inflammation, excessive belly fat, life threatening diseases such as diabetes leading to a premature death.

This eating trick was very popular in the 1920's and also dates back thousands of years when our ancestors were hunter gathers.

This eating trick is so powerful and simple to use that you'll be able to reverse the damage you've done to your body and people will swear that you've discovered the "fountain of youth."

Now I know that this may be a little but, of a stretch but hear me out.

This breakthrough 10 Day Weight Loss Loophole from the early 1920's is driven by science and firmly grounded in clinical proven facts about how the body responds to when and what to eat for maximum weight loss.

Everything you've been programmed to believe about eating a big healthy breakfast, eating small frequent meals throughout the day, avoiding saturated fats, and eating late is a MYTH.

Scientists, doctors and health experts are FINALLY rediscovering the missing link that was long forgotten years ago to forcing your body to incinerate the most stubborn fat stuck around your belly, hips, thighs, and backside.

This long forgotten, evidence based way of dieting for faster fat loss breaks ALL the rules—yet it holds the "hidden key" to tightening and toning your body's most stubborn body parts, BOOST muscle building hormones while quickly losing 7 pounds in the next 10 days.

This new, innovative eating pattern could just be:

The Worlds BEST

10 Day Weight Loss Diet Adding Years To Your Life!

Look...I've personally tried many scammy weight loss diets that didn't last and anytime someone claimed to have found something new, well it's turned me into a skeptic by nature—so, I'm not one to call anything the best.

However, not only have I found and created what I believe to be the MOST EFFECTIVE way to quickly lose stubborn fat… it could very well be the world's BEST weight loss diet.

But before I reveal what that 10 day eating trick is, I feel compelled to share my heartbreaking story...

How A Depressed Father Of Three Accidentally Stumbled Upon This 10 Day Rapid Fat Loss Secret

In June 2016 my third child was born and we became a family of 5!

It was an exciting time and our family was growing.

11 months after my son was born we discovered some severe bruising all over his body.  My wife took him to the hospital and they ran a blood test to see why he had so many bruises.

My wife and I did a lot of research and we found a lot of possibilities of what my son could have, some of them being life threatening.

We didn't get the results back right away, but on his first birthday we received a phone call form the hospital and the doctor diagnosed him as having hemophilia "Type A."

My wife and I were DEVASTATED!

Severe hemophilia is a blood disorder.  People who have hemophilia bruise very easily and do not have the necessary blood clotting factors to clot and stop a bleeding.  Essentially the bleeding takes longer to stop and if left untreated could be dangerous and even life threatening.

Also, people with severe hemophilia can have internal bleeding that could potentially be fatal.

My newborn son will have to get 2-3 infusions a week (injections) for the rest of his life.

Knowing all this left me in a state of depression lacking the motivation, time and energy to do the thing I'm most passionate about, health and fitness.

In Just One Short Year, I Gained Over 50 Pounds!

… I was putting on more and more belly fat every week.

I got really depressed and I was desperate to find a solution…

My cravings and hunger were so uncontrollable I started eating out of stress and STOPPED prioritizing healthy food.

And slowly but surely, over the course of just one year…

… those first 10 pounds turned to 20…

Leading to me eventually waking up one morning not even recognizing myself in the mirror—almost 53 pounds heavier!

I was sick and tired of depression and food controlling my life

My passion for health and fitness hit an ALL time LOW!

I Was Slowly Digging My Own Grave

… I became so depressed that I ate everything in site and just didn't care about my health and the damage I was doing to my body.

I was eating donuts, large plates of pasta, peanut m&m's, chips and dip, pizza, you name it I ATE IT!

It got so BAD and became the most embarrassing when my friends and family began to notice how big my belly was getting.

In fact, my dad told me, "that's what happens when you reach your 40's."

I was the heaviest that I had ever been in my entire life and to say I was a health expert was not only deceiving others but I was deceiving myself.

I felt like I was throwing my life away.

Even my love life with my wife was in the gutter.

I began to think that she just wasn't attracted to me like when we were first married.

My relationship with my kids began to suffer because I lacked the energy to play with them and all I wanted to do was eat, watch T.V. then go hide in my room to take a long nap.

I had absolutely NO energy or drive to play with them.

I started wondering and thinking to myself, "How many years do I really have left?"

It was always in the back of mind when I went to sleep at night

Then One Day After Seeing Myself In The Mirror Something Triggered Inside Of Me Where I Had The Thought, "Enough is Enough!"

I remember that day like it was yesterday.

  • I was sick and tired of not being able to bend over to tie my shoes without getting out of breath
  • I was tired of neglecting my family and needed to be back in the dirver seat of my own life again
  • I was tired of food controlling my life

I had hit an all time to low and felt like a complete failure

Then, almost overnight, my life changed...

It was November of 2017 right after Thanksgiving and Christmas was right around the corner.

If you have a big family you know how expensive it can be getting gifts for your children. 

I wanted to give them a fantastic Christmas so I went looking for a side job to make some extra cash.

So I went online and found that UPS (United Postal Service) was hiring for holiday help.  The job was only going to be between December through January.

The job required that I deliver packages in a specific neighborhood using a golf cart (you may haves seen these in your neighborhood around the holidays).

The job was intense with a lot of lifting and walking for hours - PLUS I never had time to take a break and eat. I wouldn’t eat until I got home.

In just 10 days I had LOST 7 pounds WITHOUT even thinking about it!

It was at that moment that I was on to something and something BIG.

I Lost 7 Pounds in ONLY 10 Days WITHOUT Even Thinking About It!

What The "United Postal Service" Taught Me About Fat Loss

You see while I was working for UPS I only ate at certain times of the day.

I did some digging and found through research that I was unknowingly practicing an eating method used in the 1920's and what our ancestors used thousands of years ago.

What I found through countless studies is that this 10 day eating trick from the 1920's has a host of healthy benefits that include:

  • Fat Loss
  • Increase in HGH (Human Growth Hormone) to preserve lean and tight muscle
  • Cellular Repair From Unused Proteins That Increased Lifespan
  • Cognitive function (more focus)
  • Lower risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Preventing certain neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's and Dementia
  • Cancer prevention and cancer treatment
  • Insulin Control (this results in weight loss)

Once January rolled around UPS no longer needed me because the holidays were over, but I still wanted to find a way to replicate my results back home so I could continue to burn fat.

I thought, "if I could continue to stay physically active, still apply this 10 day eating trick, I could DOUBLE or even TRIPLE my fat loss results!"

I was really intrigued about this idea but I wanted PROOF

Before I could share this discovery with the public, I needed rock solid evidence and scientific studies from reliable sources.

I knew there was something about this eating trick that had to be linked to real research and published scientific literature...

I found an enormous amount of studies that showed eating very specific foods at the right time had BIG benefits for the average person trying to lose weight while feeling decades YOUNGER!

Fast Forward A Few Months Later and Viola...I dropped an AMAZING 70 Pounds And Turned Back The Clock Feeling Like I Did When I Was In My 20's!

In just 10 days I was 7 pounds lighter on the scale… my belly was significantly flatter… and my willpower came roaring back because my cravings for unhealthy food vanished.

After 36 weeks of implementing this 10 day diet trick, I lost a total of 70 pounds!

  • I wasn't embarrassed to undress in front of my wife anymore after 6 years marriage...
  • Every week I felt lighter and leaner
  • My energy levels SOARED and got more accomplished in 1 day than I used to in a week
  • My confidence was back because I felt like a new man!
  • No more achey joints, bloating and inflamation
  • I could visually SEE my stubborn body parts tighten and tone up
  • My daytime hunger pangs and late night cravings totally disappeared…
  • I felt energetic, younger and more vibrant just like I did in my 20's

"Fountain Of Youth" The Missing Link

Japanese Noble Prize Winner Yoshinori Ohsumi discovered a process that cells use to destroy and recycle old ineffective cells. This new discovery is known as “Autophagy,”a Greek term for “self-eating.” [1]

Autophagy is your bodies way of cleansing itself, and it’s a process that you can control by when and what you eat.

Our cells create membranes that hunt out scraps of dead, diseased, or worn-out cells; gobble them up; strip ’em for parts; and use the resulting molecules for energy or to make new cell parts.

These cells also use autophagy to destroy invading viruses and bacteria, sending them off for recycling and they use autophagy to get rid of damaged structures.

It's kind of like "survival of the fittest."

The process is thought to decrease the risk of cancer, infectious diseases, immunological diseases and neurodegenerative disorders. The process of autophagy has also been shown to slow down the clock adding years to your life!

“Think of it as our body’s innate recycling program"

Let me put it this way…Imagine putting your garbage down the garbage disposal and out comes the other end tools and building materials to build a new kitchen, your bathroom and all the other rooms in your house?

Well that’s what autophagy will do by simply eating in a particular feeding window.

If You Truly Desire To Lose Pounds Of Fat, Cure Life Threatening Diseases While Turning BACK The Clock By ADDING Years To Your Life...There's Something That You Must Understand.

The #1 Hormone That Prevents You From Burning Fat And Living Decades Younger

Insulin is the body’s main hormone switch; it determines which fuel you will use: fat or sugar. If insulin is high, no fat will be burned—only sugar. If insulin is low, fat will be used exclusively as fuel.

What exactly is insulin? Insulin is a hormone (a body message) that is made by the pancreas,which is located under your left rib cage. Look at insulin as a key that allows sugar (glucose) into your cells.

Insulin does six main things (and a lot of minor things too):

  • It acts as a key to open the door, allowing cells to get sugar fuel.
  • It allows protein (amino acids) into the cell.
  • It lowers excess sugar in the blood after eating.
  • It converts excess sugar to fat (especially around the belly) and cholesterol.
  • It stores sugars in the liver and muscles. Stored glucose is called glycogen.
  • It allows minerals, especially potassium, into the cell.

Insulin is the main fat-making hormone, and in its presence, no fat can be burned. In studies, you will hear this explained as “insulin inhibits (prevents) lipolysis (fat burning) in adipocytes” (fat cells). It prevents fat from being released from your cells so you can burn it off for fuel—meaning no fat loss.[2]

Insulin stores fat mainly in your midsection. In fact, your belly size is the best measurement of how much insulin you have in your bloodstream.

The faster the body breaks down food into sugar, the higher the insulin response. There is even a scale, called the glycemic index, that measures this spike of sugar in the blood.

The main trigger of insulin is carbohydrates. You eat carbs, and they turn into sugar—raising glucose in the blood. That triggers insulin to whisk in and do its job of lowering blood sugar, as seen in the next diagram.

Eating carbohydrates is the main trigger for insulin! And if you want to lose weight, it’s important to remember that insulin is the main fat-making hormone because it converts carbs into fat—especially true for belly fat and visceral fat (the most DANGEROUS kind).

The worst advice to give a person with high insulin is to eat too many carbs.

To Lower Insulin You Must Know Exactly What Foods To Eat And At What Time Of Day

Scientific research shows that when you eat SPECIFIC foods at the right TIME of day you'll begin to suppress insulin so you can BURN fat, Cure Life Threatening Disease and Lengthen Your Lifespan!

When you provide your body with the right kind of foods, and even more importantly, when you eat them —your body switches fuel sources so stored body fat can be used as a direct source of energy.

This was a huge wake up call for me because I was taught that you need carbs in order for brain function, burn fat and building lean muscle tissue.


In 1971, the American Diabetic Association (ADA) recommended that your carbohydrates should be 45 percent of your calories; in 1986, they recommended that carbohydrates be 60 percent. In 1994, they allowed table sugar, and sugar added to foods, to be part of your total carbohydrates.

Eating carbohydrates is the main trigger for insulin! And if you want to lose weight, it’s important to remember that insulin is the main fat-making hormone because it converts carbs into fat—especially true for belly fat and visceral fat (fat around the organs).

This wasn't the only lie I was taught as you'll soon discover...


The Food & Medical Industry Uses To KEEP You Fat & Sick

 WEIGHT LOSS LIE #1: Eating Fat Makes You Fat & Increases Your Risk Of Heart Disease

We as a society have all been fully indoctrinated that fat is bad and that it will make us overweight and clog our arteries.

All the bad hype you have been hearing about high-fat diets is not exactly true. If you personally read the studies involving high-fat diets, you’ll discover that 99% of it is a combination of high-fat and high-carbohydrate diets. When you combine high carbohydrates with fat or even protein, insulin will spike dramatically. So that deep-fried donut or deep-fried fatty fries are really fried carbohydrates.

If you consume dietary fats with LOW CARBS, you will not spike insulin. High-fats is safe as long as it goes with low carbs.

The "low-fat craze" that has long dominated the world of nutrition has led us all to believe that we should shun fats altogether, and instead eat more processed carbohydrates.

Where Did The "Low Fat" Craze Come From?

Back in the 50s and 60s there was kind of two viewpoints, one was that sugar causes coronary heart disease or increase risk of coronary heart disease.

In other words fat and cholesterol causes heart coronary heart disease.

Recently there was some leaked documents between a dialog between the sugar Research Foundation and scientists.

There's 300 papers that were found that dated between 1959 and 1971.

From the Sugar Research Foundation they paid for and hired a guy by the name of Frederick Star which was a nutritionist at the Harvard University School of Public Health.

Back then he was like the expert in the relationship between diet and heart disease.

He got paid a million dollars from General Mills, Kellogg's and tobacco and then in the years following there was a total of  29 million dollars for his research team.

So basically he was paid off for two reasons:

One is to downplay or suppress the research that the sugar Research Foundation actually did and found a huge link between consuming sucrose and causing an increased risk of heart disease.

Basically he was paid to omit and suppress that piece of data and emphasize the fat and cholesterol theory and promoted it.

So the overall strategy was to protect the market share by using science.

Now in 1971 they did the same thing with dental cavities

They pretty much politically just suppress this connection between sugar and dental cavities and focused on an intervention of filling cavities in doing dental work.

So if you were curious, now the mystery is solved. It's really stemming from the sugar research foundation.

Countless studies now prove saturated fats from the right food sources have NOTHING to do with heart disease and sickness [3,4].

In fact, it's the exact opposite of what you've been misled to believe…

Fat's like butter, for example, are rich in essential fats and rarely consumed vitamins like K2, which can reduce the risk of heart disease by a whopping 69% [5].

You just have to understand how to eat the right kind of butter… at the right times… along with what foods to eat it with to ensure you experience each and every one of these same amazing health benefits.

Rich in essential fats and rarely consumed vitamins like K2, which can reduce the risk of heart diease by a whopping 69%

 WEIGHT LOSS LIE #2:  Eating 3-5 Small Meals A Day Boost's Metabolism For Effective Weight Loss

We’ve all been told since we were little kids that we have to have breakfast lunch and dinner.

Some of us have been told to eat even more often like five or six meals a day to be healthy and to lose weight, but is that true?

The answer is NO!

Usually the whole idea of the most natural way of eating is to have three square meals a day with bread (this being your biggest meal).

However, this eating strategy didn’t come from science or biology.

This eating strategy came from cultural patterns that developed over time.

Although ancient Romans believed in eating just one meal a day, by the time European settlers came to America they brought with them a mostly English culture of eating three square meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It became an even more popular idea when it was used by settlers to look down on Native Americans for not being a civilized group of people because they ate based on when they were hungry and based on the availability of food rather than on a set schedule.

After that farming practices, social status, work life, electricity and the Industrial Revolution all further shaped our cultural norm to eat three meals a day.

Again none of this was based on science but rather on cultural ideas that stacked on top of each other over time.


One of the more recent ideas was having dinner with the family at six o’clock when everyone got home from work.

This idea became more popular within the last hundred years right around when electricity and light bulbs became more common in households which allowed us to prepare meals later at night.

If you choose to continue following this cultural dogma of having to eat three, five or six meals a day, the only way to lower our total food and calorie intake is by having smaller less filling meals.

But remember...every time you eat you spike insulin and when insulin is present it's impossible to burn fat.

Take a look at the graphic below and you'll see why keeping insulin low is vital for fat loss.

The truth is that most of us prefer to eat until we feel full. Most of us also don’t want to feel obligated to cook and eat all day.  Most of us would like to lose belly fat while still enjoying the food we love and most of us want to live longer and maintain a healthy weight and body fat throughout our lives.

As unorthodox as this might sound, one of the most effective ways to lower insulin levels, lower our hunger, lose weight and body fat is to eat at certain times of the day.

Skipping meals can help us do all of those things.


When you don’t eat for a certain amount of time a couple things happen your body:

  • You’ll deplete glycogen stores so you can burn fat FASTER
  • Your insulin levels will significantly drop down so you can create an environment to burn a lot of body fat in the shortest amount of time possible!
  • Your body begins the process known as "Autophagy" which adds decades to your life
  • You’ll increase the youth hormone, HGH (Human Growth Hormone) so you can "feel" and look younger
  • Your body begins to produce ketone bodies that will give you a SURGE of EVERLASTING energy so you can tackle the day with confidence.

On top of that, eating at certain times of the day has been linked with anti-aging benefits, longevity, mental clarity, the prevention of brain degenerative diseases, improved immune system and being more productive throughout the day.

That’s right, eating at certain times of the day will give you more energy and it'll help you get more done throughout the day.

You'll be able to have BIGGER meals so you can feel more satisfied by not feeling starved and hungry all the time.

This means you can create a negative energy balance and burn fat eating more of the foods that you crave and love.

Once you get the hang of it, you'll feel like you're not on a diet at all!

 WEIGHT LOSS LIE #3:  NEVER Eat Past 7 p.m. Because It Will Make You Fatter

Have you ever heard that you shouldn't eat past a certain time of day or you will gain weight?

Somewhere along the way we've been told that we shouldn't eat after 7 p.m. or we will pack on the pounds. This is a common misconception.

Our bodies need fuel constantly, not just when we are awake. When we're sleeping, our bodies are burning calories to circulate blood, assist with lung functioning, and fuel our brains.

Studies consistently show that nighttime eating does not actually cause weight gain if you stay within your body's daily caloric needs.

  STUDY #1:  The British Medical Journal recently put the myth to rest in an article in which they reviewed the results of various studies on the topic of night-time eating and weight gain.

After looking at numerous clinical studies throughout the world, they concluded that there is no link between eating at night and weight gain.

STUDY #2:  The American Dietetic Association agrees and emphasizes that it's not the timing but the amount being eaten that causes weight gain.

The fact is that your body will store any extra calories as fat if you take in more calories than you burn in a day, regardless of the time of day in which you consume those excess calories.

The whole 'idea' that you're not supposed to eat before bed is because while you are sleeping, your metabolism supposedly slows down. This is not the case though… your body doesn't have an on-off switch and you still burn calories while you sleep.

In fact, a few studies[6-7] show that it actually increases when you start your dream cycles.

Eating before bed with the RIGHT foods improves overnight muscle protein synthesis, increases metabolism, stabilizes morning blood sugar to fight diabetes, and prevents morning hunger pangs.

In fact, if you want to lose the MOST weight, you MUST eat before bed... but the trick is knowing which foods fuel your fat burning metabolism as you sleep, and those that you must AVOID to starve away unwanted belly fat.

And once you understand how to construct the perfect pre-bedtime meal you can both satisfy your cravings AND burn fat like crazy.

Bottom Line:

Eating Your Biggest Meals At Dinnertime With LOTS Of The Right Foods & Regulates Your Metabolism, Optimizes Your Hormones, & Accelerates Fat Loss.

 WEIGHT LOSS LIE #4:  Carbohydrates Are Needed to Stimulate Muscle Protein Synthesis, Strength & Promote Fat Loss.

A common misconception is that carbohydrates are needed to stimulate muscle protein synthesis (building of muscle).

STUDY #1:  Muscle Professor Academy did the first study ever to look at synthesis in muscle following resistance training. In this study we had two groups of participants that consisted of 6 weeks of calorie matched high carb or very low carb ketogenic segments. After 6 weeks we did a resistance training bout and looked at muscle protein synthesis. [9]

As you can see in the graph, both groups increased protein synthesis to the same extent! Lots of these studies help demonstrate that there is no superiority between different diets, just different benefits.

STUDY #2:  Another interesting study from 2014 (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2014: The effects of ketogenic dieting on skeletal muscle and fat mass) investigating the effects of a ketogenic diet on skeletal muscle. [8]

Particularly important is the fact that the study used a very low-carbohydrate intake (<5%). Additionally, the effect of this diet directly compared the effects of a traditional high-carbohydrate diet to the ketogenic diet. Twenty-six resistance-trained men participated in the study and were split into two groups:

  • 5% CHO, 75% Fat, 20% Protein (Ketogenic Diet)
  • 55% CHO, 25% Fat, 20% Protein (Traditional Western Diet)

After 11 weeks, the results were as follows:

  • The ketogenic diet resulted in a 2.1 kg greater lean body mass increase.
  • Fat mass decreased on the ketogenic diet by 2.2 kg (0.7 kg greater than the Western diet group).

To sum up, the results show that the very low-carb diet had MORE significant impact on lean body mass gain, weight loss, and body fat!.

What About Strength?

As crazy as it might sound, you don’t actually have to be at a significant caloric surplus to build muscle on a ketogenic diet.

When your body is fat adapted it can constantly derive any energy it needs from the adipose tissue. This puts you into an anabolic state almost always. The extra calories that are needed for muscle growth will come from your stored triglycerides.

You can get stronger, build lean muscle and lose fat at the same time while being keto-adapted. This was shown by a study on elite level gymnasts who train a lot harder than anyone else in the world (10)

STUDY #3:  8 athletes, elite artistic gymnasts (age 20.9 ± 5.5 yrs) were recruited.

We analyzed body composition and various performance aspects (hanging straight leg raise, ground push up, parallel bar dips, pull up, squat jump, countermovement jump, 30 sec continuous jumps) before and after 30 days of a modified ketogenic diet.

The diet was based on green vegetables, olive oil, fish and meat plus dishes composed of high quality protein and virtually zero carbohydrates, but which mimicked their taste, with the addition of some herbal extracts.

During the VLCKD (very low carb keto diet) the athletes performed the normal training program.
After three months the same protocol, tests were performed before and after 30 days of the athletes' usual diet (a typically western diet, WD). A one-way Anova for repeated measurements was used.


No significant differences were detected between VLCKD and WD in all strength tests.

Don't Become A Victim To These Weight Loss Lies Any Longer!

Research confirms once and for all that eating very specific foods at the right time and in the right amount can help you burn a lot of fat in a very short amount of time, extend your lifespan, protect you from deadly diseases, and quickly convert your stored fat into energy...

... And this is really only the tip of the iceberg.

We've spent a lifetime being brainwashed into believing that certain foods were off limits and that low fat diets are better, you have to eat every 2-3 hours to boost metabolism, fasting causes starvation, never eating past 7 p.m., and you need carbohydrates in order to live and function...

As you just learned above most of these are made up and complete myths

The fact is, there's a LOT of money to be made from unhealthy, sick people.


Regardless, this is for sure: we've ALL been misled and lied to about how to lose weight.

When I was first discovered the real truth I admit I was in denial… It went everything I knew about getting a lean and shredded body.

However, I simply could not ignore the enormous pile of scientific evidence.

And THAT'S when I decided to take all of my newfound knowledge about how to lose weight and put it to the test on my own body.

… How and why did eating later in the day and eating my favorite foods work so much magic on my body?


The 10 Day Fat Exterminator System

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I am doing the Keto diet and intermittent fasting (2 meals - 1700 cal) plus usually 5 workout sessions of 1-2 hours, a week. It’s a challenge finding the time with my busy filming schedule sometimes but if you have a setback you just gotta continue as soon as you can and not give up. Little goals and rewards helped me stay strong. Anything is possible if you want it bad!

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"Quickly Convert Your Stored Fat Into A Cleaner and More Efficient Energy Source...

A step-by-step FULL PROOF guide that lays out every detail of how to eat on a keto diet for rapid fat loss.

  • How to use the keto diet to control insulin & blood sugar to fight against diabetes and other deadly diseases
  • A detailed list of delicious high fatty foods you MUST eat for optimal weight loss
  • Increase GOOD cholesterol, while reducing risk of heart disease
  • Lowers the risk of diabetes and even REVERSE type 2 diabets
  • Crush Cravings, ERASE Hunger, & TURN OFF your sugar addiction once and for ALL!
  • AVOID the 8 keto mistakes people CONSISTANTLY make that's making them FATTER! (You don't want to make these)

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10 Day Fat Exterminator Intermittent Fasting Guide

The 10 Day Fat Exterminator Intermittent Fasting Guide

$ 27 Value

Intermittent fasting is one of the Internet's HOTTEST weight loss trends… and for a very legit reason, it WORKS! Combing Intermittent Fasting with the Keto diet will put your fat loss in OVERDRIVE.

Inside The 10 Day Fat Exterminator System you're going to get an intermittent fasting protocol so you can DOUBLE your fat loss and get the LEANNESS body you've ever had.

There are multiple Evidence-Based published studies showing just how effective it can be in reversing cellular aging, preventing today's most deadly diseases, and optimizing anti-aging hormones such as HGH.

When you combine my 4 Minute Morning Fat Burning Ritual WITH the right type of intermittent fasting can be an unstoppable force.

Scientific research shows it can have a profound effect on your metabolism, body composition, AND lifespan:

  • Intermittent fasting has been shown to improve numerous different risk factors, including blood pressure, total and LDL cholesterol, blood triglycerides, inflammatory markers and blood sugar levels.
  • Intermittent Fasting keeps you at ideal hormone levels (lowers insulin levels and increases human growth hormone resulting in FASTER fat loss)).
  • When fasting intermittently, the cells in the body initiate a cellular “waste removal” process called autophagy. Increased autophagy may provide protection against several diseases, including cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Intermittent Fasting imporves brain function. Several studies in rats have shown that intermittent fasting may increase the growth of new nerve cells, and that it also increases levels of a brain hormone called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a deficiency of which has been implicated in depression and various other brain problems.

10 Day Fat Exterminator At Home Workout Guide

The 10 Day Fat Exterminator "At Home" Workout Guide

$ 27 Value

“4 Minute At Home Workouts Specifically Designed To Release Fat Burning Hormones, While BOOSTING Metabolic Rate For Up To 48 Hours Afterwards!”

Inside The 10 Day Fat Exterminator System At Home Exercise Guide you will discover...

  • How to access fat for fuel so you can burn up to 9x more fat faster and create a 24-48 "after-burn" from one 4 minute session
  • A complete PDF guide of the best fat burning "at home" exercises to use so you can know EXACTLY what to do. NO guesswork!
  • NO equipment needed. All you need is your body weight and ONLY 4 minutes 3x per week. Only 12 minutes PER WEEK is all you need to get rapid fat loss results!

10 Day Fat Exterminator Gym Workout Guide

The 10 Day Fat Exterminator Gym Workout Guide

$ 27 Value

Get DOUBLE the muscle building results while losing fat in this step-by-step 6 WEEK gym workout guide that WILL get you STRONGER, LEANER and more RIPPED than you thought possible!

While most of the bodybuilding community believe that you must have carbohydrates in order to build muscle and get stronger, new science is showing that the ketogenic diet is superior.

  • BOOST the one muscle builiding hormone in your body that promotes protein synthesis so you can create an OPTIMAL environment for building a lean physique
  • Discover why to much protein is HARMING your quest to BURN fat. You don't need as much as you THINK!
  • Get a complete and downloadable 6 WEEK PDF guide of the BEST lean muscle building exercises so you can know EXACTLY what to do when you HIT the gym!

The 10 Day Fat Exterminator Cardio & Six Pack Abs Guide

The 10 Day Fat Exterminator Cardio & Abs Guide

$ 27 Value

"Burn Fat 9x FASTER Than Traditional Cardio Exercise

"Quickly Lose STUBBORN belly fat WITHOUT long and boring cardio sessions so you can get in and out of the gym."

A step-by-step blueprint that lays out every detail of how to perform short bouts of cardio and ab exercises that will leave you feeling, lean, toned and energized

You'll discover:

  • How to OPTIMIZE your fat burning hormones by using EFFECTIVE cardio workouts so you can lose POUNDS of stubborn belly fat
  • The exact cardio blueprint I personally used to lose OVER 50 pounds!
  • How to Ignite Your Rapid Fat-Burning Flame FAST So You Can TRIPLE Your Fat Loss & Eliminate Belly Bulge Forever
  • How to unlock unlimited amounts of energy and focus so you can crush your day WITHOUT the mid-day CRASH
  • How to Shrink Away Ugly Fat In Just A Few Short Minutes So You Can Visibly SEE A Toned & Trim Body That's Firm to the Touch WITHOUT Long Grueling Ab Workouts

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Make NO mistake about it… this is not just a 30 day rapid fat loss plan… it's a LIFESTYLE.

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Why spend a fortune on Doctor visits, Prescription Medicine, So-Called 'Miracle' Supplements, Powders and BOGUS Pills when you can get instant access to the Scientific Communities latest cutting-edge weight loss research in one-easy-to-access spot.

The second you make the leap to this pattern and style of eating amazing things will happen to your body and your health in as little as 30 days.



  • Transform Your Body To Look Your Best Ever In ONLY 10 Days All While Eating Your FAVORITE & DELICIOUS Fatty Foods You've Been Told To Avoid!
  • Increased Insulin Sensitivity So You Can Eat More & Stay Slim
  • Customize When to Eat "Cheat Foods" For Optimal Fat Loss
  • Lose Up to 8-16-20 Pounds Of Fat In JUST 4 Weeks
  • Eat BIG Meals Until You're SATISFIED & Lose Belly Fat Like You Never Have Before.
  • Reverse The Aging Process & Decreased Inflammation So Your Joints Heal & Feel Better

As you cater to your body's natural instinct of eating healthy fat for fuel EVERY cell in your body will be healthier than ever and you'll lose stubborn fat FASTER than you ever have before—WITHOUT starving yourself...


You'll FINALLY Realize That Losing Weight Never Tasted So Good! In Fact, With These Underhanded Food Strategies, You'll Never Use The Word "Diet" EVER Again!

Your Body Will Quickly Flip The Switch Converting Your Stored Fat Into Efficient Energy - PLUS Your Metabolism Will Have NO Other Choice But To Burn Stubborn Belly Fat!

… Imagine being able to enjoy your favorite activities and hobbies without achy joints, muscle pain, or fatigue…

… Imagine laying your head on your pillow every single night knowing you'll be healthy and alive for years to come because the foods you're eating are protecting you from today's most dangerous health challenges…

… Imagine waking up every morning seeing the scale drop pound by pound FASTER than anything you've EVER tried.

… Imagine chasing your children and grandkids around the house and yard with endless energy…

And let's not forgot about the other intangibles!

You'll have more purpose in your life. You'll have deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Your happiness levels and love for life will soar to new levels because strict, complicated diets and poor health will be thing of the past.

Bottom line: If you don't experience a radically positive change in all areas of your life from joining the challenge… you don't pay a dime.

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How Do You Know That The 10 Day Fat Exterminator System Is Right For You?

Here's how you can be 100% sure this is a good fit for your current lifestyle.

  • Do You Have at Least 10, 20 Or Even 50 Pounds To Lose From Your Most Troubled Spots?
  • Have You Had A VERY Difficult Time Curbing Your Sugar Addition From Sweet & Processed Junk Foods?
  • Do You Struggle To Find Time In Your Busy Schedule To Exercise?
  • Do You Find Yourself Crashing Mid Day And Struggle To Accomplish Work Tasks?
  • Have You Experienced Weight Loss Before Only To Find Later That You Gained It ALL Back and More?
  • Do You Get FRUSTRATED Of Having To Avoid your Favorite & DELICIOUS "Fatty" Foods?

If You Answered "Yes" To At Least 1 or 2 Of These Questions You're The Perfect Candidate For The "10 Day Fat Exterminator Program

Can I use PayPal to Checkout?

ANSWER: Yes. You can securely purchase "The 10 Day Fat Exterminator System" using your PayPal account or any major debit or credit card.

Is my credit card and personal information safe?

ANSWER: Absolutely. When you click the “buy now” button you’ll be taken to ClickBank’s 100% secure payment form. Your credit card and personal information is electronically processed without compromise. Clickbank is a Top 100 global retailer, accredited by the Better Business Bureau and trusted with over 200 million customers in more than 190 countries.

Is this a physical or digital program?

ANSWER: It’s 100% digital means it’s instantly downloadable. Any issues getting your stuff, visit our helpdesk and I will take care of you.

Is this for women?

ANSWER: Yes, it's GREAT for women and can follow it for sure. If you’re ready to work hard, love incorporating challenge-based workouts weather at home or in the gym, then The 10 Day fat Exterminator is going to sculpt your body strong, tight and sexy!

Can I do this at home?

ANSWER: YES!  The 10 Day Fat Exterminator comes with "At Home" Workouts and "Gym Workouts."  I got you covered.

Do I have to do the workouts in order to lose weight?

ANSWER: Nope, The 10 Day Fat Exterminator program is so effective that you don't need to workout at all.  However, if you want to accelerate fat loss, the workouts will get you there FASTER.

What’s the difference between The 10 Day Fat Exterminator program than any other fat loss diet program?

ANSWER:  Ah... The 10 Day Fat Exterminator is an eating strategy not a "fad diet" like all the rest. The 10 Day Fat Exterminator introduces you to a whole new world of losing fat such as:

  • Knowing When and What to Eat

  • How To Properly Exercise to MAXIMIZE Fat Loss

  • Increase Insulin Sensitivity So You Can Eat More & Stay Slim

  • Reversing The Aging Process & Decreased Inflammation So Your Joints Heal & Feel Better

  • Eating Satisfying Meals That Accelerates Fat Loss Like You Never Have Before.

  • And more

Research has shown that 75% of weight loss comes from knowing when and what to eat.

Is this program safe to do if I have diabetes?

ANSWER: Yup! In fact this program is EXACTLY what you need if you have type 2 diabetes or type 1.  Studies have shown that diabetics who go on The 10 Day Fat Exterminator System end up reducing the amount of insulin they need and people who have type 2, reversed there condition all together.


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