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Struggling to build your pecs? Are you looking for good chest workouts? Here are the steps to improve contractions and therefore improve chest muscle growth in Seconds.

How do you better feel a weak body part and produce the most muscle growth?

Chest, and biceps are high up on the list, but at some point everyone struggles with one body part or another.

Here are 3 tips to improve contractions and therefore your ability to build that muscle in mere seconds:

1. Fix your setup

muscle growthIf you’re not feeling it, or not feeling it in the right place, you’re not setting up the exercise correctly.

Setup the exercise is the first and most vital aspect in your success in building any body part for the most amount of muscle growth.

To begin, stop being attached to the exercises you use.

Become attached to learning how to contract a muscle from its most lengthened position through to its most short position…

THEN find an exercise that adds load to that for your body structure.

Try it right now for your biceps or pecs, no weight needed.

Just first discover what the full range of motion is for that muscle.

How far can you take it in each direction without letting other muscles move?

Now, can you add in muscular tension with your mind only? (Squeeze it like you’re mad at it)

2) Heavier Weight is NOT The Answer.

muscle growthAdding more weight to something that is broken or not working is just a faster route to injury.

If you’re not feeling a muscle, or if it’s not growing, despite what many “experts” say, increasing the weight or the frequency is not the answer for optimal muscle growth.

muscle growthAt least not until you’ve mastered the 6 Essentials of Exercise.

After setup, the next most important thing is to ensure the muscle you’re working is actually the muscle that is moving the load and not a whole bunch of other muscles or momentum.


The best way to do this is to make sure that muscle contracts and moves first in the movement.

Slow down and make sure the tension you created stays there.

3) Create an Internal Focus.

muscle growthMany people attach themselves to particular exercises, or heavy loads, or a “type” of training or system.

NONE of those matter except as a means of creating an internal response.

Meaning, what happens on the outside is only a vehicle to creating an internal response.

Learn to become focused on what is happening inside the body, maximizing and standardizing tension inside a muscle, then and only then does manipulating reps, sets, volume, density, intensity, frequency matter to the extent you can actually manipulate them and get a predicted result.

Think about studying for years about the best artists, and most effective painters and painting techniques.

You understand the mindset of picasso, the vision of Michelangelo, but no one has ever taught you how to hold or use a brush properly.

Learn to wield the brush, then paint your masterpiece.  

What’s Next?

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