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Building BIGGER biceps peak will require 2 critical exercises. You’ll also need to eat a certain amount of calories to make them GROW. Here’s a full proof formula you can use to get BIGGER arms FASTER.

As a guy who struggles to build bigger biceps peak, you have perform certain exercises and eat a certain amount of calories in order to make them grow effectively.

First I’ll talk about the diet and then training.


  1. Calories. Just take your body-weight (in lbs) and multiply by 19. This is how many calories you’ll need everyday in order to bulk up and make those biceps peak GROW
  2. Carbs. Carbs is going to be the most critical macro-nutrient you’ll need to make those arms look bigger and fuller. On upper body days, consume 2 grams of carbs per pound of body-weight. On Lower body days, consume 3 grams of carbs per pound of body-weight
  3. Protein. Aim to consume 1 gram of protein per pound of body-weight.

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There are 2 kinds of people who have different arm development:

  1. There are those who have thick arms but no peak
  2. Then there are those who have a great peak but no width.

Everyone falls into one of these 2 categories and depending on how your arm looks, you’ll have to train them differently.

Here are 2 bicep exercises you can do if you have no bicep width and 2 more exercises for building bicep peaks.

muscle building


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Exercises for bicep width for hitting the short head (Brachialis):


  1. Hammer Curls
  2. Spider Curls

Exercises for bicep peak for hitting the long head:


  1. Incline dumbbell curls (elbows close to your sides)
  2. Standing dumbbell curls (elbows close to your sides)


You need to train your triceps just as hard as your biceps if not more.

Your triceps makes up 2/3 of your arm so the BIGGER your triceps, the BIGGER your arms will actually appear.

On the following page is a complete workout to fill in that gap for your biceps.



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