Vince Delmonte Pro Team Transformation Round 1

Here you go guys. Here is my six week transformation pics for round 1 of the Vince DelMonte Pro Team.


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week1 and week6

I just finished six weeks of Vince Delmonte’s NEW program being released this January.
I am really excited with my results and can not wait to go to the next round.  I’m going to be sharing even more videos with you in this next round as I take my body to the limit.  You are going to get a rare chance to see what it takes to completely change my physique and you can do it along with me.
If you are not sure who Vince Delmonte is, he is the king when it comes to
helping skinny guys put on weight and building muscle.
Here is a progress chart below where I gained size on my biceps, chest, and shoulders.  check out the stats below:
Progress chart

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