This Changed My Life

Its Friday and I’m so ready for the weekend.

From my last article, I talked a lot about time under tension and a program that I’ve used by Ben Pakulski.  Well I have met Ben Pakulski in Canada along with Vince Delmonte. 

You see I have been following Vince for a very long time and he has gone a long way to help those who want to put on Muscle.  Vince reached a point in his life where he wanted to take his fitness to a whole new level.  So what did he do?  He hired a professional bodybuilder, Ben Pakulski.

Vince was able to compete in a fitness show and got his pro card.  Right after he did his show he held a Live fitness seminar in Canada called, “Live Large Live.”

Now I live in Florida and I really wanted to go but, it was a long shot.  Vince held a contest to see who could write the best testimonial of why they should go for FREE.  Yeah!  He was going to pick one person to go for FREE!  What did I do?

I was at work at the time and went into the bathroom to write a short testimonial of why he should pick me.  I knew I was going to win because I came from some hard times and found fitness to be my escape and release.  During those hard times I had a co-worker introduce me to the gym, the rest is history.

Well did I win?  The next morning I woke up to check my e-mail and there it was.  Vince wrote a long e-mail for everyone on his newsletter list and I scrolled all the way to the bottom to see him congratulating Tim Ernst!  I could not believe that he chose me.  I was super pumped and took my (then girlfriend now my wife) with me to Canada.

This event has changed my life forever.  I’m in the process of doing what I love and that is teaching you about fitness.  My desire is to take anyone who has fallen on hard times and give them a new and fresh start in life.  This is where I came up with the my site logo called, “

I just want to encourage you that you have the power to change anything in your life no matter where you are.  I went through some things that are unimaginable!  Trust me I’ve been there.  The gym and Vince Delmonte’s seminar has changed my life.

If you want to see me talk about Vince’s “Live Large Live” seminar  check it out
here==>Live Large Live  or click the image at the bottom.



Have a safe and good weekend.
Change your life and TRAIN HARD

Tim Ernst.