The Perfect Day

The Perfect Day.

I had this thought the other day on what my version of a perfect day would look like. After I post mine, share what your perfect day would be. Here is mine below:

1. I would awaken just before sunrise, kiss my wife and go to the kitchen to cook my favorite muscle building breakfast.

2. Read a great motivational book.

3. I would write a blog post for all my readers, send out an email to subscribers, and update my Facebook status.

4. I would take a short walk as the sun begins to rise.

5. After my walk I would then jump in my car and drive to “my” business, my very own gym that I own after have coming across some fortune. I would then workout at my gym.

6. I would go back home, take a shower, eat my recovery meal, and pay the bills. OH BUT WAIT, I don’t have any bills because I have financial freedom.

7. I would do a short coaching call online to help someone with their goals to build muscle or whatever else is their desire.

8. The rest of the day would be to spend time with my family doing whatever, whenever we want, the sky is the limit.

Mine is pretty simple but my favorite part would be having financial freedom because then, you would be able to do whatever, whenever you want.

What about you?


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