The Hercules Diet

The Hercules Bulking Diet (The Rock)

Have you seen Dwayne Johnson’s aka “The Rock’s” insane bulking diet for the movie Hercules? He’s been on a 22 week bulking diet to get huge for the movie Hercules and its quite impressive. If you want to gain weight and build muscle fast then this is one way to do it but, not everybody has a big wallet to afford that kind of food.

Just take a look at his 22 week bulking diet taking from twitter on his phone below:


















Now that’s a lot of food and he’s been hitting the gym just as hard to.

Now why do I say all this. Well I know you want to gain weight and build muscle and I’m not saying you got to eat like The Rock to get huge but, in my 8 Week Muscle Makeover Program there are some great specific diets I have all written out for your own body weight.

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The best part is its not that expensive to eat a lot to get huge. I have it all laid out for you to follow.

Plus there is an 8 week training program all written out with specific instructions on the exercises, what supplements to take for muscle building and fast recovery.

I even through in a bonus of how to get 6 pack abs with a membership to my one on one coaching program for free.

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This is just my way of saying thanks for being my loyal followers. This offer will not last long so make sure to pick up your copy immediately before its to late.

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