Size Matters?
Feb 2014 23

When it comes to size there are a few secrets that you must know in order to achieve your desired physique goals.  Below is a list of 10 popular secrets that the pros use to gain muscle size.

1. High Reps for Bigger Legs

To get bigger legs start doing sets of 20 reps. There is no need to lift really really heavy for 6-8 reps to build legs. If you want to lift heavy you need to at least pump out 20 reps per set. You’ll notice the development in your legs when applying this principle.

2. Isolation for better muscle stimulation.

When you are lifting make sure to actually think about the muscle you are training. For example: When doing bicep curls don’t rock your body back and forth. Stand straight and tall pull your elbows back and curl straight up and down. Squeeze at the top of the movement and fully extend at the bottom. A fully extended bicep is when your triceps contract at the bottom of the bicep curl.

3. Slow down the tempo.

Take longer to lift and lower the weight. You’ll be amazed how taxing this is on the body when you slow down the tempo on any given movement. Time under tension is the name of the game when trying to gain weight and build muscle. Slowing down your reps will put more tension on your muscles that will lead to muscle hypertrophy. When lifting, explode up on the movement but on the way down take at least 4-5 seconds.

4. Giant sets for small muscle groups.

Giant sets is not only great for smaller muscles but you can get a lot done in a shorter period of time. Some great muscle groups to do giant sets would be shoulders, biceps, triceps, calves, and abs. The 8 week muscle makeover program is great as it is a complete 8 week transformation program packed with great info from giant sets, nutrition, supplementation, and an abdominals all wrapped up into one.

5. Don’t over complicate things.

Don’t make things to complicated while in the gym. While there are advanced techniques as a beginner its ok to start with the basics using sound advice.

6. Leave your comfort zone.

By human nature we are all creatures of habit and our body will do whatever it takes to protect itself. We get comfortable and wonder why we stop seeing muscle gains. Your muscles will adapt over time and it would be very beneficial to switch up your program every 3-4 weeks.

7. Unilateral holds.

This form of training will require a lot of time under tension. If you are doing bicep curls, curl with one arm like normal while the other arm stays in an upright contracted position.

8. Perform drop sets.

Drop sets also known as Ben Pakulski’s NOS sets, (Neurological Overload Sets) is a great way to bust through any plateau. To do this you will do your normal set and reps for any particular muscle group but on your last and final set you are going drop the weight 3 times by 20% each working set. So for example:

Leg Extension

Set 1-8 reps 40 second rest

Set 2-8 reps 40 second rest

Set 3-8 reps 40 second rest

Set 4-8 reps then immediately drop weight by 20%, another drop by 20%, and finally another by 20%.

9. Shorten your range of motion.

There is a time when you want to shorten the range of motion by keeping the weight moving. For example don’t lock out your arms when doing bench press, keep the weight moving.

10. Train each muscle at least 2-3 times a week.

Some people may think that this is overtraining but the reality is most people don’t train hard enough and will never truly reach a state of overtraining. If anything most people under train. Working a muscle group 2-3 times in a single week will keep protein synthesis elevated keeping the body in an anabolic state. To do this right you want to do different exercises, not the same ones over and over. It’s ok to work the same muscle 2-3 times as long as you switch up the exercise.

In conclusion the best way to achieve the desired body you want and deserve is to get on the right plan. There is do much misinformation out there on the Internet so do your research.

A great place to start would be to download this free report. It is the 5 things you must absolutely know about to begin your journey on gaining weight and building muscle.

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