Rest Pause Training
Feb 2014 03

Rest pause training refers to a method that involves pressing out in one strenuous and repetitive manner, taking a short rest of 10-20 seconds and then doing another rep. It’s an advanced weight lifting method technique that allows one to achieve more repetitions during a set. It gained popularity from the story about Jim Williams who while in prison used it to transform his muscles. He even became the second person to hit the 600 pound mark on a bench press and the 1st to take home 650 pounds during a competition. Given that the equipment for training was limited in prison, the rest pause training played a huge role in his entire training routine.

There are many programs that have been offered as superior when it comes to fitness. Rest pause training comes high up on the list because it helps with not only increasing the training density but also training efficiency especially when dealing with the compound movements (these include dead lifts, squats and even chin ups). When one is lifting heavy loads, the making use of shorter rest periods between the reps ensures more efficiency. Many people who stick to this training usually develop very strong and packed muscle in a very short while.

There are many benefits of this program, some of these benefits include:

Separates the serious weight lifters from the jokers

This routine is not for the faint of heart. It is challenging at first and in no time the serious lifter is separated from the joker. It requires commitment especially when one is new to the program. There is no time available for messing around between the sets. The good thing is that the results will be visible much faster than for those who use other training regimens. Rest pause training requires one to take a 10-15 second rest between each set as opposed to the traditional 3-5 minutes break in the standard powerlifting training. While this training is highly efficient, breaking into it can be extremely difficult at first but with commitment, you will be a pro in no time!

It can be user friendly

This means that it can be modified to suit different users. To prepare yourself for a modified variation of the training, take a three rep maximum and then do ten single reps with the same weight. Instead of taking the standard 10-15 seconds rest between the sets, take a one minute breaks at the beginning. Once this becomes easy and manageable, you can start taking 45 second rests, then 30 seconds and finally go back to the standard 15 second rest.

Allows one to gain size and get strong in no time

This method has been described as the perfect method to get strong and gain considerable size in a relatively short period of time. This is because a person using this method by performing only one rep per set, is able to use maximal weight loads. To add on to this, because a person is performing the same movements in multiple sets and at a rapid succession, their central nervous system becomes more adapted and proficient in that particular movement. This is what is responsible for the almost miraculous gain in strength within a relatively short period of time.

Effective for burning fats

According to research on reputable journals such as the journal of translational medicine, it has been established that this method can help one burn considerable amounts of fat in no time. Two groups were studied, one used the standard body building while the second set used the rest pause technique. At the end of the session, the group that used the rest pause technique had burned more fat than those who used the group which had used the standard routine. In conclusion, using this method consistently can help you stay leaner.

While this is are very effective method when it comes to weightlifting, it is important to emphasize that it’s not for everyone who wants to gain muscle fast. It’s not meant for the faint hearted but for people who are willing to push their bodies to the limits. It’s a very intense method of training, the main advantage it has over the other methods is that it ensures that you maximize your muscle and size while at the same time attaining a lean body. Happy lifting!

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