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There is no reason to be working in a job you hate. Quit your job and follow your passion.

Forget about what everyone else is telling you to do and MAN up. Do what makes you HAPPY and live your life with more fulfillment.

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Tim Ernst, former “skinny fat” bakery manager turned “lean and jacked” fitness entrepreneur. Tim is part of the first ever Vince DelMonte Pro Team. Tim is the founder of and is dedicated to helping guys build max lean muscle while eating their favorite foods they’ve been told to avoid.

Tim’s passion is to show other guys the possibilities that anyone can achieve their dreams and goals whether that be a physique that demands respect, a successful job, business, relationships, and nutrition.

As a busy husband and dad, Tim married his smoking dream girl, has 2 children and manages to workout twice a day all while running a business at home.

Tim’s favorite quote,

“If you don’t work on your own dream, someone will hire you to work on theirs.”

Tim Ernst
B.S. Degree
Delmonte Pro Team Member

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