Not Performing?
Mar 2014 10

Not Performing?

We men rely on the male hormone called testosterone.  Testosterone levels in men our much lower in our day in age compared to the past.  What will high levels of testosterone do for you?

High testosterone levels in men will attract more women and control everything from metabolism, muscle mass, confidence, and sexual performance.

Our testosterone is being affected without you even knowing it and our current fast paced way of living is contributing to a dangerous rise in our estrogen levels. As men, we do have estrogen (The women hormone) and testosterone (The male hormone).
Some of us have more than others and is due to many factors.

One easy test you can start tomorrow morning is to track how many times you get an erection over the course of a week. You should be getting at least 5 erections out of a 7 day period. If you only get 2-4 a week, your testosterone levels are pretty low.

Higher levels of estrogen in men can be accompanied with increased sensitivity to stress, erectile problems, weakness, muscle loss, stomach fat, and memory problems.

One of the worst side effects to higher levels of estrogen in men is acting like women, not good. Society is already emasculating men by the shows and movies we watch, this certainly isn’t helping either.

For men who show higher levels of testosterone were much more assertive and had dominate interactions with women.

High testosterone men desire social dominance and are very capable to attracting the opposite sex despite competition.

What does high testosterone in men look like?

1. Confidence
2. Passion
3. Power
4. Deep Voice
5. Inner and Outer Strength
6. Finally and most important is life purpose. The kind of purpose women are drawn to. The kind of purpose she wants to be caught up in,  your adventure. Don’t make “her” the adventure, Be the adventure.

Here are some simple ways to increase testosterone and decrease estrogen.

1. Maintain a healthy weight

2. Introduce intermittent fasting.
(Here is a great intermittent fasting book)

3. A muscle building/strength training program

4. Eat healthy fats like walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, cashews, avocado, olive oil or coconut oils.

5. Stay away from soy. Soy will raise your estrogen levels.

6. Eat grass-fed meat

7. Reduce the consumption of alcohol.

8. Get at least 7-8 hours of good sleep with consuming ZMA’s

Testosterone is so vital to your success in every area of your life weather it be professional or private. Implementing the strategies above will help you be on your way to becoming a real man with confidence, purpose, and strength.

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