My Top 5 Bicep Exercises

Biceps respond best to long time under tension and high volume…Let’s talk about the exercises.
My personal favorite are these below in no particular order:
Speed Cable Curls
– Heavy EZ-Bar Curls
– Preacher Curls
– Reverse Curls
– Incline Dumbbell Curls
These are my favorites ones that I have most benefited from.

Let’s start from the top:

Speed Cable Curls

Speed cable curls are one of my favorite bicep movements I like to do at the end of my workout.It’s a great finishing move and creates a massive pump when you are done.  Doing these will create a lot of blood flow in the muscles and it hits different muscle fibers that you need to do to produce growth.

EZ Bar Curls

Now I do have ez-bar curls next…but I  do these
really heavy with a lot of rest pause sets.
Rest pause sets are when you reach failure…rest about
10-15 seconds then do another 3-6 reps…rest 10-15
seconds then finally do another 2-3 reps until failure.
Trust me…Just do this, you’ll be glad you did.

 Preacher Curls.

These are a favorite of mine because of the extreme stretch at the bottom.
Remember, the more range of motion, the more muscle
fibers that become activated which equals more growth.
Plus, this exercise is fantastic for building that “PEAK.”

Reverse Curls

 After that we have reverse curls which is a great exercise to really
target the forearm, the long head (peak) of the bicep and the brachialis.
According to Charles Poliquin in his book The Poliquin Principles, the brachialis is
often a weak link in arm development. He states that many bodybuilders have found
that adding specific brachialis exercises to their workouts can increase their arm size
by as much as one inch in a month!


Incline Dumbbell Curls

I especially like these because  of the extreme stretch at
the bottom of the movement.   When you do these make
sure to keep your head back on the pad.  It’s a habit you
have to develop because you tend to want to look at yourself
in the mirror, but this can hinder the exercise intent.
You will really feel these the next day in the lower area of the biceps…
Try these for a while and you will notice the difference in the growth
of your biceps.

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    May 11, 2013

    My Top 5 Bicep Exercises « Turn Around Fitness

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    My Top 5 Bicep Exercises « Turn Around Fitness

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